Saturday, 31 May 2014

So we can watch late England games in the Pub Wo

Pubs in Wales will be able to stay open late for England World Cup matches.
Welsh pubs were not originally included in the legislation but, following complaints, the Home Office now says licensing hours can be extended.
Regulations have been laid to allow premises to apply for a temporary event notice for England's World Cup games.
Ministers have the power to relax the rules to mark an occasion of "exceptional international, national or local significance".
The extension could be used by pubs in Wales for England's opening game against Italy on Saturday, 14 June, which is due to kick off at 23:00 BST.
Crime prevention minister Norman Baker said: "We want everyone to get behind the England football team this summer.

The assumption given here is that Welsh Fans wanted to see England play and indeed.
My MP does and thinks he speaks for the whole of our Nation as he twitterd

  8hFor all nationalists getting exercised tonight, let's be clear: I, along with most Welsh people, will wish England well in the World Cup 1/2
Indeed he seems to claim credit for this 

Shame it took my writing to the PM for the Tories to realise we might be interested in the World Cup in Wales as well as England

Well Mr Smith, I suppose I would like to watch the England Games in my local but that does not mean I necessarily am supporting them and I am joined by many Welsh people in this, not all of them Welsh Nationalist and I don't think we are entirely the minority.

And Owen , later to be covering himself  just in case we noticed.

However point of writing to the PM was to say even if we want to watch Eng lose (perhaps on pens v Ger) we shld b able 2 do so in the pub!

So maybe he gets it that we are not all backing England

Indeed the whole Idea that premises can apply for the licence for free from Friday at first seems a good one but it will only apply to matches involving England and this seems to be ridiculous .

Indeed I imagine that there will be a number  Pubs in Cities throughout the UK where Immigrant and visiting   communities  will gather to watch their home nation play.

But unless its England they will be denied the opportunity.

I suppose to have a blanket opening hour so Pubs which have  such a gathering would upset Nigel Farage but sod him.

I don't yet know which side I will be backing in thee World cup but ABE (Anyone But England) apply.

Its not that I'm anti-English but it is the sheer arrogance that we in Wales are expected to support them puts me in the ABE bracket.

I doubt if Germans would expect the people in the Netherlands  (Who are their great rivals not England) to support them  if the later failed to qualify.

Of course the likes of Owen Smith in a Unionist Party could not actually say ABE though  from the last Tweet he may wel think it but he has no right to claim he speaks for the majority..


  1. Valleys Labour MP in lack self awareness and hating Nats shocker

    Keep it coming Owen your hatred of Wales and ignorance is great for recruiting new members to Plaid Cymru

  2. Owen Smith’s comments about supporting England’s football team don’t surprise me at all.
    Any opportunity to bash the nationalists.
    I wonder what the reaction of local rugby fans would be if the Member for Pontypridd encouraged them to support the Cardiff Blues in a major cup competition.
    Trying to score cheap points from other peoples sporting loyalties is typical of this political dinosaur.

  3. Owen Smith also opposes the creation of a Welsh National Cricket Team, and that those who support it are narrow minded nationalists who are playing politics with sport.
    So let me get this straight....does this mean all those who support Wales in rugby or football, or those who cheers against England because they are our rivals are all nationalists now are they??
    The word 'hypocrite' comes to mind

    I also remember that during Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand when the matches took place between 2am to 9am there were no relaxation off the licensing laws then. The pubs had to be serving food for them to be open at that time or something ridiculous like that. I guess ministers in London have more concern about the English national sport (football) rather than the Welsh one (rugby union). The sooner alcohol licensing and legislation is devolved the better!