Friday, 9 May 2014

A Positive experiance of the NHS and Immigrants.

This Blog has appeared for two weeks due to myself undergoing surgery at the UCW ( The Heath)  for a tumour on my pituitary gland which went well but but unfortunately due to problems after my discharge saw me having to be readmitted for a week.
It is however with some delight that I gained an overall positive experience of mu treatment during my stay in hospital.

Being on a neurological ward where I was probably the most  mobile person there I was very impressed with dedication and hard work the Staff at all levels put towards the patients there many who were unable to leave their beds unaided.

I saw no evidence of neglect and although they were short staffed at times . I believe  everyone on the Wards I was on was was treated as best possible

But one thing was clear without immigrants from the Lithuanian cleaner who passed for a moment to listen to my Radio on the news from the Ukraine,to the the Asian caterer who endeavoured to see that patients were supplied wit tea and meals even if they were uncommunicative ,  to the West Indian nurse  who kept calling me darling  and   the Indian Ward Doctor who seemed to be there permanently and the other staff of many nationalities who contributed  to my stay. The state of care in the Hospital would be in a perilous state.

Even then the majority of were Welsh or from the rest of the UK it was clear that the UCW could not run without Immigrants.

But there lies a question for Nigel Farage and his Ukip cohorts.

Many of us owe our health to Immigrants working in the NHS  and are other services which rely heavily on such people.  Do you acknowledge this Nigel? Or are you so  determined  to ride on a Ant-Immigration platform you are prepared to destroy our Health services  Your scaremongering could make things difficult for Immigrants to join us and  diminish much what we both depend on and value.

It is nice to post positive reports on the NHS and Immigration . Hopefully others have equally positive stories

Once again I would like to thank all at UCW for the care I received and hope they can receive the leadership and funds to continue and improve on their care.

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