Monday, 19 May 2014

Is the Sunday Times tying to stir up Anti-English sentiments.

One wonders if the Sunday Times are deliberately trying to stir up anti-English feeling amongst some Scottish Nationalist sand then smear the whole YES campaign with an article.
In an article entitled 

English votes may kill off independence

The Times seem to trying to create the impression the Independence referendum will fail because the 10% of those born outside Scotland willl largely back the Union.

They write...
"ENGLISH voters living in Scotland could swing the result of the independence referendum in favour of the United Kingdom, according to a new poll.The findings of the latest Panelbase poll for The Sunday Times and the independent radio station Heart came as the Queen intervened in the debate, highlighting the need for “healing divisions” after the vote.It follows concerns about personalised attacks from supporters and opponents of independence, which Scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael warns could “poison the well”.The poll suggests slightly more Scots support than oppose independence (44% versus 42%, with 14% undecided) ahead of September’s vote.But it indicates that English voters, who account for 10% of Scotland’s electorate, are 66% against independence, with 27% in favour — which could make the difference between success or failure for the Yes campaign
When the views of English and other non Scots combined with Scottish voters 40% favour Independence".
Hopefully there will be merely a shrug from the whole YES campaign and the acceptance that people who live in Scotland have a right to their opinion and can vote whatever their ethnicity. 

The late and much missed Historian Gwyn Alf Williams  used to say of Wales.
"It's the Bloody Welsh who are the problem."
Blaming Immigrants  whether English people in Wales or Scotland or Romanians in London or the rest of England is not the answer .

We must not build a sense of identity and Civic- Nationalism amongst people born here but bring all those who come to live in our nation of Wales along .

We must convince everybody that an Independent Wales or Scotland will benefit all who live here.

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