Monday, 26 May 2014

BBC (Sorry Ukip) celebrate vote in Wales as well as UK as a whole

The result of the Euro Elect in Wales saw a surge in support for Ukip  they only narrowly failing to top the poll

Labour has narrowly topped the European election poll in Wales on 28.7% of the vote only just ahead of UKIP who boosted their support to 28.1%.
The Conservatives - who topped the poll in 2009 - came third with 17.8% followed by Plaid Cymru, with 15.6%.
It means no change in that the four parties each retain a seat representing Wales in the European Parliament.
 UKIP topped the poll in Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham  and pointing to the t the North Wales region as the party's best chance of getting its first AM elected in the 2016 assembly elections.

It was also first in Powys and in the Vale of Glamorgan - that'll worry the Conservatives as they defend Montgomeryshire and the Vale of Glamorgan in next year's General Election.

For Labour who inly a few months ago they were heading for winning two seats it was naot as good a night as they hoped for.

February Poll
Labour ... 39% (-2%)
UKIP ... 18% (+5%)
Conservative ... 17% (-3%)
Plaid Cymru ... 12% (-1%)
LibDems ... 7% (-5%)
Wales Political Barometer, February 2014

The Conservatives  who toped the last poll last time will be wired about Ukip taking the majority of votes of them  in next years General Election

Plaid defied the pollsters  who predicted they will lose their single seat, but will look gloomily at the vote in Rhondda Cynon Taf and Caerphilly

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood says she's pleased that her party has managed to retain its seat in the European Parliament despite 'a difficult electoral context.'
I'm pleased that in a difficult electoral context, Wales returned its most effective representative to the European Parliament. The context of this election resulted in Plaid Cymru having to work considerably harder than other parties to get our message across to the people. I am proud of the teams of dedicated party members who worked hard across the country to spread Plaid Cymru's message of hope.
I also thank those who cast their vote for Plaid Cymru and for Wales on Thursday. We will now continue to further Wales' interests in the European Parliament.

As for the Libdems the fact that they can be placed in the bracket "others speak for its self

Selected results
Newport - Labour 10,648, UKIP 10, 376, Conservatives 5,804, Plaid Cymru 1,661.Blaenau Gwent - Labour 6,621, UKIP 4,300, Plaid 1,164, Tories 883Vale of Glamorgan - UKIP 9,577, Conservatives 9,190, Labour 7,926 and Plaid Cymru 3,484.Rhondda Cynon Taf - Labour 19,579, UKIP 13, 471, Plaid Cymru 9,748 and Conservatives 3,8Ceredigion: Plaid Cymru 7,139, UKIP 4,138, Conservatives 2,698, Liberal Democrats 2,332Torfaen - Labour 7,183, UKIP 6,569, Conservatives 2,799, Plaid Cymru 1,628Ynys Mon - Plaid Cymru 6,609, UKIP 5,201, Labour 3,055, Conservatives 2,715Cardiff - Labour 24,999, UKIP 18,370, Tories 15,297Flintshire - UKIP 11,800, Labour 10,121, Conservatives 7,538, Plaid Cymru 2,947Caerphilly - Labour 14,253, UKIP 11,809, Plaid 5,392 and Tories 3,434Monmouth - Conservative 7,969 UKIP 6,757, Labour 4,746, Plaid Cymru 1,504

All the parties will be looking at gnot only the wales result but the UK as a whole and maybe questioning  the Media role in promoting  a Ukip surge espicialy the part played by the BBC

Which at times seems to the main cheerleader for Farage and one wonders how far there is an Eurosceptic influence in some quarters of BBC News.

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