Tuesday, 20 May 2014

If Scotland votes . They and Wales could lose their Football sides,

The supporters of  a NO vote in the Scottish referendum have long be accused of running  "Project Fear " and coming up with negative and sometime ludicrous arguments of what would happen if Scotland should leave the UK.

Amongst them are

Scotland would not be reapply to join the EU
They would not be allowed to keep the pound 
People would need a passport to see relatives in the rest of the UK

And this pathetic claim that in the wake of Independence, Scots in trouble abroad will have no one to turn too.

But what of the reverse? What can Scotland loose if they miss the opportunity to become a Nation in its own right.

Well here's one .

If Scotland votes NO then we can't blame the members of FIFA asking why there should be a Scottish Football team?

The result of a NO vote a GB team at the World Cup in 2022
When the idea that Serge Blatter assured Chancellor Gordon Brown that a British side could compete in the Olympics without FIFA forcing the home nations to give up their own independent sides in competitions. Brown off course in an effort to portray himselfl as a Brit and not a Scot was all in favours

He advised that written assurances would be given that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland could continue to field separate teams in the World Cup and European Championship after the games.

But it's not cast in stone.

It must be very odd for other Nations to see the England,Wales,Scotland and Northern Ireland compete as if they were Independent Nations in Football and you can't blame them for thinking.
"They don't even want to be a Nation why should they compete as one?
The same would apply to us and we could lose our team if Scotland vote no.

Fantasy? no more than much of Project Fear scaremongering.


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