Saturday, 10 May 2014

Plaid should openly admit they could lose Jill Evans in European Election.

The polls don't look good for Plaid in the European Election 

YouGov Poll, April 2014
Labour ... 39% (no change)
. 20% (+2%)
Conservative ... 18% (+1%)
Plaid Cymru ... 11% (-1%)
LibDems ... 7% (no change)

This would mean that Labour would win two seats  and the remaining two to go to the Tories and Ukip

First seat ... Labour ... 39%
Second seat ... UKIP ... 20%
Third seat ... Labour ... 19.5%
Fourth seat ... Conservative ... 18%
Notional fifth seat ... Labour ... 13%
Notional sixth seat ... Plaid Cymru ... 11%
Notional seventh seat ... UKIP ... 10%
Notional eighth seat ... Labour ... 9.75%
Notional ninth seat ... Conservative ... 9%
Notional tenth seat ... Labour ... 7.8%
Notional eleventh seat ... LibDems ... 7%

So maybe  Plaid should adopt a tactic that is the reverse of the "LibDems wining here " tactic and their little Barcharts which show them running second  and the only party that can beat the incumbent.

If I was running the Plaid campaign I would openly state  that they are running behind and there was a very danger of Jill Evans loosing her seat. Including the latest Poll even showing Plaid behind

I would produce a leaflet stating this and distribute this with the argument that Wales would be voiceless in Europe with three MEPs committed to London parties  and one who probably believes Wales should not even exist.

Say bluntly. Do you really want to lose Jill Evans?

Do you really want wales to be seen as just a region of the UK.?

The European Elections are pretty boring  campaigns maybe a Party prepared to argue that "We could loose" may be something that shakes things up a bit

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