Thursday, 22 May 2014

I beleive you should vote Plaid today; But at least vote

Photo: Cofiwch bleidleisio dros Jill Evans a Phlaid Cymru yfory i sicrhau bod Cymru yn cadw ei llais yn Ewrop. Gorsafoedd pleidleisio yn agor am 7yb.

Remember to vote for Jill Evans and Plaid Cymru tomorrow to make sure Wales has a voice in Europe. Polling stations open at 7am.

It will come as no surprise that I will be voting for Plaid  in the European Elections today .

Back on the 10 th may I  Blogged that since then

Plaid should openly admit they could lose Jill Evans in European Election.

It seems that this might have just worked . Plaid have risen in the Polls and by promoting Jill whose probably the only MEP  standing that people outside the political bubble can name.

Ukip will undoubtedly win a seat and the reason for this may be varied  but it will largely be a protest vote .

It is sad that the protest vote these days now gores almost entirely to the right even far right and the left partly because they can't unite fail miserably.

It will be also sad that once again there will be no Green representation from Wales  and if STV was in place then my second vote would have gone to them.

Unfortunately unlike Norther Ireland 

what other European Country has different voting system within its boarder?

I still believe Plaid and the Greens should have formed a pact where Jill Evans would top the list and Green take second place.

But the important thing is that people go out to vote. With some suggesting that voting will be around 30%  it will hardly be a ringing endorsement for any party.

However I think I may just  avoiding the News on the BBC over the next few days  as they gleefully show Nigel Farage gloating over his success.

God Help us.

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