Tuesday, 27 May 2014

BBC Ukip bias clear when you look at coverage of Scottish vote.

There are many who have been amazed over the last few weeks how the supposedly "Independent " BBC  seemed to have moved to being cheerleaders for Ukip

A fine example of this was the news that Ukip won the final seat in the "Scottish Region" which was treated with glee's  by the BBC including David Dimbleby and a curious analysis which suggested that this was a disaster r for the SNP

Scottish National Party389,50328.99 (-0.07)20
Conservative231,33017.22 (0.40)10
UK Independence Party140,53410.46(+5.23)1+1
Green108,3058.06 (0.78)00
Liberal Democrat95,3197.09 (-4.41)0-1
Britain First13,6391.02 (0.00)00
British National Party10,2160.76 (-1.70)00
NO2EU6,4180.48 (-0.40)00

Listening to John Curtice professor of politics at Strathclyde University and  a research consultant for ScotCen Social Research and First Minister Alec Salmond , it looks like  the former has abandoned an academic analysis and  gone for a subjective approach.

Given the UKIP dominance in England  and indeed their vote  in Wales how can 10.46% of the vote be seen as a triumph and game changer in Scotland?

But perhaps the real telling point was when Salmond pointed oit that the BBC has given four times the coverage of Ukip compared to tthe SNP in Scotland and  smug David Dimblebly 's  "all complaints  to BBC Glasgow".

Which Salmond neatly noted that Glasgow didn't have much say in the matter"

We need to ask. Why the BBC has gone out of its way to promote Ukip ?

Is it a Euro Sceptc element in the News/Current Affairs department  or is it simply a desire to make Politics more interesting by creating a story of a new party .breaking the politics mold?

This happened when Roy Jenkins ,David Owen and Shirley Williams formed 
trhe SDP in the 80's and who  where for a time the media darlings

But in Farage and Ukip the BBC may have helped create a Monster no one can control and they may well live to regret their part in it.

We will that's for certain.

There's a call l for an investigation into the BBC for promotion of a political party during a National Election. and you can sign here

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