Saturday, 17 May 2014

Latest Opinion Poll shows about 15% in favour of Welsh Independence.

The Latest Opinion Poll  for  ITV Wales shows that People in Wales  were opposed to Scotland becoming Independent

 They were also asked how they would vote in a Welsh referendum.
  • Should Scotland be an independent country?
  • Yes 16%
  • No 63%
  • Don't know/Wouldn't vote 21%
  • Should Wales be an independent country?
They were also asked how they would vote in a welsh independence referendum
  • Yes 14%
  • No 72%
  • Don't know/Wouldn't vote 14%
The answer about Welsh independence didn't change much when people were asked to assume that a referendum in Wales was after Scotland had voted to leave the United Kingdom.
  • Should Wales be an independent country?
  • Yes 16%
  • No 69%
  • Don't know/Wouldn't vote 15%
YouGov polled a sample of 1092 people across Wales, 12-14 May 2014.

it is interesting to compare the figures with the BBC St David's Day carried out by pollsters ICM, 
Wales should become independent, separate from the UK
The Welsh assembly should have more powers than it currently has
The powers it currently has are sufficient and should remain as it is now
The Welsh assembly should have fewer powers than it currently has
Wales should remain part of the UK and the assembly should be abolished
No answer
Don't know
It seems that if people were offered the choice of more powers for the assembly then they are less inclined to go for the Independence option.

Even if you were to take 14/15 as a low base  it must produce some head scratching at Plaid's head quarters as to why  they can't increase their share of the poll amongst those who would like to see the assembly have more powers. 
Plaid should be aming to get the vote of about 50% of the vote of those who want more powers and be on a base of over 20%

One of my very firs Blogs was to compare Devolution with the Old Trans Cambria Bus root here and commented that not every may want to go the entire distance of the journey but they can share the Bus for a while.

I am not saying that plaid should put independence on the Back Burner  and concentrate on more powers for the assembly. Far from it.

But there's no reason why it can't do both they may even find some who have joined up for part of the trip realise that they would after all complete the journey.

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