Friday, 10 June 2016

Ukip civil war continues in Wales.

I never thought I 'd write this

But we should be faie ro Nathan Gill who has been criticised by his own Party in that  should not "double job" as both MEP and AM if he cannot fully commit to Cardiff Bay.

After all with a referendum in two weeks over who can really blame him for waiting to see if the UK was going to leave the EU before deciding on his future,

Of course with Mr Gill criticising  yesterdays offer by Neil Hamilton prop up the Welsh Labour supporting the M4 Black route , it is hardly surprising  that there is feeling that there can't be two leaders in the Assembly.

Neil Hamilton who ousted Mr Gill as group leader of Ukips Welsh AMs  issued a "strongly-worded statement"accusing Mr Gill of being a part-time AM.
Mr Hamilton told the BBC:
 “Nathan Gill is a part-time AM at the moment because he has not resigned from his job as an MEP in Brussels and Strasbourg.
“He arrived late at our group meeting yesterday, when it was nearly over, so he missed our discussion about the M4. He has at no time expressed any misgivings to me.
“ Ukip AMs fully discussed the M4 congestion problem and my statement in the assembly was enthusiastically endorsed by everyone present.
"Before the meeting, I had also fully discussed the issue with our Transport spokesman David Rowlands, who represents Newport. Nathan represents Anglesey [He is actually a regional AM for North Wales].
“David Rowlands remains fully in support of my statement yesterday. We still prefer the Blue route but the Black route is better than no route – if an acceptable deal can be put together.
“Ukip members expect all Ukip AMs to be fully committed to their role in the Senedd and to be team players. If Nathan cannot accept this, he should fulfil his commitment to the Ukip NEC and Nigel Farage last January that he would not ‘double job’.”

 A spokesman for Mr Gill responded:

 “Nathan was simply pointing out that Ukip’s policy is to back the Blue route and oppose the Black route."Neil Hamilton does not have the constitutional right to change policy. That is a matter for the NEC.“It is ludicrous for Mr Hamilton to suggest that Nathan should resign his seat in the European Parliament in the middle of the referendum campaign. That must be the priority for now.”
The  Wasting Mule  has pointed out newly-elected AM is still sitting as an MEP and has missed meetings in both Strasbourg and Cardiff Bay .
He has been criticised for missing:
  • A vote in Strasbourg on whether to grant China market economy status - which could have opened up the EU to more steel dumping
  • Part of an Assembly Ukip group meeting at which the group agreed to support the controversial Black route for an M4 relief road

I wonder how many Ukip MEP missed  the Strasbourg vote? UKIP have in the past  been branded Europe’s laziest party after figures revealed its MEPs top the skivers’ league. in  2013. Have things changed ?
Meanwhile UKIP has handed out spokespeople roles to all of its AMs - with the exception of Mr Gill.
Meanwhile UKIP has announced the following AMs as its spokespeople:
  • Caroline Jones - Health
  • Mark Reckless - Education and finance
  • Gareth Bennett - Sport and local government
  • Michelle Brown - Communities, childcare and housing
  • David Rowlands - Infrastructure and transport
  • Group leader Mr Hamilton will apparently be on his feat regularly in Y Siambr  as he he is to serve as spokesman on the economy, farming, the environment, rural affairs and finance. Which should suit his already inflated ego.

Mr Gill must make up his mind soon the rules are 
 A member of the European Parliament (MEP) may not be a member of the legislature of a member state.This dates from a 2002 European Union decision, which came into effect at the 2004 European elections in most member states, at the 2007 national election in the Republic of Ireland,[1] and at the 2009 European elections in the United Kingdom.

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