Thursday, 23 June 2016

Farage may be hopeing for a small REMAIN majority.

The EU referendum looks to close to call and I wonder of there will be more "shy" Brexiters than REMAIN.

Whatever happens politics in the UK have taken an unpleasant move to the right with Immigration taking a major role and if even there is REMAIN vote then we will see the issue figure prominently in the future.

We are faced with a future of increased Xenophobic British Nationalism which unfortunately Wales voters are not exempt from .
It means that those on the Progressive Left have an uphill battle to face the sort of rhetoric that comes from the far right and may even become mainstream,
It may be however that Farage and Ukip will welcome a small REMAIN majority in that they will see it as justifying their existence .

They may well be hoping that they will emulate the SNP in Scotland which were not killed off by the Independence Referendum and actually strengthened the Independence cause there,.
They will be hoping that those who voted out but were appalled (or denied it or convinced themselves) by the Anti-Immigration rhetoric coming from spme BREXIt campaigner.

There will pf course calls of foul and claims of Ballot rigging coming from the right and Farage will they to claim that it was a Phyric victory for Remain.

In or Out we face a huge struggle to combat the sort of barley disguised racism that has emerged pver the last decade and after Tomorrow will increase.
Those of us who hope to be breathing a sigh (rather than celebrating ) on the wale of a REMAIN vote will have little rest if we are not to see a darkness looming over these Islands,

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