Thursday, 2 June 2016

Boris Johnson standing up against elites !!!!

Of anyone on the left is tempted  to vote for a Brexit then perhaps they should consider the sort of people who will be running the UK after we were to leave the UK

Boris Johnson has claimed that the EU referendum campaign is a contest between those who want to take back control and the Davos elite. Asked in an interview for the BBC programme if it was a contest between elites and the ordinary man, Johnson replied:
It is in a sense a struggle between people who want to take back control, and a small group of people who do very well out of the current system and who know Christine Lagarde and can go “mwah mwah” with her at Davos, or whatever it happens to be. Of course they’re going to be in favour of the system.

Can anyone really expect with Johnson .Gove and Iain Duncun Smith  in charge these elites will disappear

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove both say the EU-enforced £60-a-year hit can be dropped if Britain votes out on June 23.
But they conveniently forget to mention  many of the Tory Vote Leave campaigners  - who first introduced an 8% rate in 1994, then tried to hike it to an eye-watering 17.5% a year later.
Iain Duncan Smith, Liam Fox and John Whittingdale all backed the bid by then-Tory Chancellor Norman Lamont - who's also now a prominent Brexiteer.

Even if we were to leave then VAT will  srill be with us . Can anyone really envisage a Tory or Red Tory government scraping it ?
The idea Johnson and his cronies have the ordinary members of Britain interest at heart is ridiculous and the idea that they are fighting against elitism is the biggest load pf poppycock to come out of the campaign.

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