Thursday, 16 June 2016

Vote Leave and the cold wind of Thatcherism returns for decades.

Both Plaid's Leanne Wood and have put forward a convincing argument that a Leave vote will mean that we will see the UK government move even further to the right and place many of those who are preparing to leave at a huge disadvantage.

Miss Sturgeon said,

‘The time has come to brand the Brexit campaign for what it is—a bid for a Right-wing Tory takeover of the reins of power in the UK and to dismantle the hard-worn social gains of the last few decades.The people leading the case for a vote to leave are on the right of the Conservative Party and will take an ‘out’ vote as their signal to make their power grab complete.Make no mistake—a Leave win would be a victory for politicians who actually believe George Osborne and David Cameron are moderates, and it would leave Scotland at their mercy.
Leanne made a similar case
Plaid Cymru is of the view that it is in Wales’ best interests to remain a part of the European Union.If you’re yet to make up your mind, I have three points I’d ask you to consider ahead of the vote on the twenty-third of June:First of all, please use your vote.You are unlikely to be asked to decide on an issue as important as this for some time.Secondly, 
I ask you to question and not be driven by scare stories.Pulling out of the EU will not end immigration, it will not result in extra money for the NHS. It will not stop the cuts. It will risk our economy and many jobs here.This has become less about in versus out and more about the kind of society you want your children and grandchildren to inherit from us.Let that future society be one based on co-operation and not fear of the other.Last, but not least, I ask you to consider the future of Wales.If Wales is taken out of the EU along with the rest of the UK, I can see our communities and our country at the full mercy of Tories in Westminster who are no friends to Wales.
Despite its imperfections, and yes, there are many, the European Union is the one institution that gives Wales a voice in the world – the UK doesn’t. It never will.The European Union redistributes wealth to the poorest regions. Wales benefits from this and the Tories have said they won’t make up the shortfall if we were to leave.We all know that Westminster can’t be trusted on funding.The Party of Wales believes it is in Wales’ best interests to make sure we all have a voice in the decisions it makes by remaining a partner in the European family of nations.

Those on the Left who are calling for a leave  vote should consider the above ,.

Maybe they believe that people will soon reject a right wing Tory government and there will be a grassroots left revolt ushering anew Golden Dawn .

May be they should consider what happened in the thirteen Years of Thatcherism .

Similarly those Nationalists in Wales and Scotland who argue for a leave vote , should consider the implications/

Of Wales or Scotland  wants to leave the EU then surely that is a decision that an Independent Wales or Scotland should make with the arguments made entirely here not by the City of London.

For Wales om particulate a leave vote will mean the cold wind of Thatcherism return and unlike Scotland we will be powerless against ut, return 

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