Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Brexit Tories will “will continue to fund EU programmes in the UK until 2020”

It's alright folks

According to  the Wasting Mule
Thirteen Government ministers and senior Conservatives have today pledged that every region and recipient of EU funding will continue to get the money if the country votes to leave the UK on June 23.
Figures including Justice Secretary Michael Gove and former Mayor of London Boris Johnson are adamant that the funding received by people and groups today from the EU is “safe”.
The Conservatives, who also include Culture Secretary John Whittingdale, Commons Leader Chris Grayling and Employment Minister Priti Patel, say they “will continue to fund EU programmes in the UK until 2020”.
Note  Until 2020 which is about the date the UK as a result of A Brexit Victory and lengthy negotiations  the UK would finally  leave the EU

The Tories write:
“It is important that people and organisations now receiving funding from the European Union know that their funding is safe if we Vote Leave on June 23. According to the Office for National Statistics, the official bill for our EU membership in the last year for which we have figures was £19.1bn – that amounts to over £350m each week.“We get some of this money back, partly through a negotiated rebate and partly through payments to farmers, universities, regional funds, cultural organisations, and others. Our net contribution to the EU budget is £10.6bn.”

OK, there is no Guarantee that we will receive the same funding from the EU either but it is pretty likely. 
Hpwever would you trust the Brexit Tories, all of whom have been Cheerleaders for the Austerity Programme that has further devastated the deprived areas, to continue to provide such funding in the future.?


  1. I thoroughly recommend a visit to Wings Over Scotland and read "The Wee Black Book" on what happened to the predictions (promises/guarantees) given to ensure a No result in the 2014 Referendum.

  2. I see that a certain prominent Brexiteer called John Redwood's name was not on the list. I'm sure that many of you will remember that in 1993 Redwood was appointed to the cabinet as Secretary of State for Wales.

    He will be remembered for two things.

    1. Trying to con the nation, by attempting mime his way through our national anthem.

    2. Then in 1995 he returned £100,000,000 of Wales's block grant (passed democratically in Parliament) to the Treasury unspent.

    And this lot think we have forgotten all of this....