Wednesday, 22 June 2016

IN or OUT Wales will need much more than Third Rate Devolution.

Our First Minister trip  to the Carwyn Jones the  Wales v England at Euro 2016.  that £9,500 cost  £9500 has come in for criticism;

Welsh Government spokeswoman said: “The First Minister flew from Cardiff to Lille on Thursday to attend the Wales v England match before travelling to Glasgow later that day for a meeting with representatives from the British Irish Council.
“Following security advice, and for practical reasons, a small turbo-prop plane was used which ensured the First Minister was able to represent Wales at both events. This would not have been possible using alternative travel options.”
Oddly I am not seething with outrage it is important that our Political leaders take advantage of the sudden interest  in our country and a continued  run should raise our profile in Europe.
But we may ask ourselves if we are not too small to play with the big boys i a major football tournament in Europe . Maybe we should consider if we are not to small and insignificant to play a role in Europe as an Independent Nation.
However a UK Brexit would leave us cut off from Europe just as were  Proving out  existence.
Mind you our first Minister  seemed  to have been over enthused with our new Profile claiming  Wales could make its own agreements with the EU if there is a Leave vote in Thursday's referendum, First Minister Carwyn Jones has suggested.
Mr Jones cited EU member states with territories outside the union, such as Greenland and the Canary Islands.
Except  the Canaries are an Autonomous part of Spain (a EU member) and whilst Greenland is mostly Independent  Denmark (another EU member) maintains control of foreign affairs and defence matters
He told BBC Wales he did not trust the Leave campaign's leaders to negotiate with Brussels on Wales' behalf.
Mr Jones told BBC Wales: 
"There's no reason why the EU in the future can't look at having a way of dealing with nations that are not member states and looking at getting agreements with them, why not?"
"If it's possible to do it where a country is a member state, why not if a country isn't a member state," he asked.
Mr Jones said: "If there is a Leave vote on Friday we have to take steps to talk to the EU ourselves in Wales.
"I'm not going to rely on that lot in the Brexit campaign to represent Wales in Brussels, or at all.
"So it's hugely important that we get the best deal for Wales whatever happens."
Its a pity that Mr Jones didn't at least acknowledge that what appears to be a fantasy , would  have more credibility  of we didn't have Third Rate Devolution" and called for the powers that would make such deals  possible.
In our out it is vital we have the Leadership in Wales that an promote Wales within Europe . However it will be even more important if we are isolated by a right wing unionist government in Westminster who will take us further down the path pf impoverished "West Britons" not the vibrate Independent nation in a reformed European Union  we  desperately need.


  1. Like you I’m not as worried about the private plane for Carwyn Jones to go the match, but rather the lack of what he and the Welsh Government are doing to promote Wales abroad with the platform EURO16 has given us, most of it due to the considerable good will our football team and fans have generated over the last 2 weeks

    Perhaps the Fail and Plaid Cymru could ask those questions of Carwyn instead?

  2. It's not unusual to see government leaders at major sporting events supporting their country. In this instance the cost is small change when compared to the vast amount spent transporting various lesser royals around the globe.

    The problem is that in spite of Carwyn's enthusiasm he doesn't have the political clout to carry forward his vision.

    The reality is that Labour's Welsh branch, with the likes of Chris Bryant, Owen Smith et al, are extremely unlikely to support any initiative by Carwyn to look after Welsh interests by direct means in the event of a Brexit.

    For these champions of the Team GB, it must be very difficult for them to see a successful, independent Welsh team making such a big impact in Europe.