Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tories want to run Welsh response to Brexit. negotiations.

Former Welsh Secretary David Jones – who led the Vote Leave campaign in Wales – has called on First Minister Carwyn Jones to establish a committee of Assembly Members to “drive forward” Wales’ response to the referendum result.
Clearly  this is a suggestion that should be taken seriously 
However the Clwyd West MP said it would need to be chaired by a prominent Leave-supporting AM seems to be suggesting that  this committee  should simply rubber stamp whatever emerges from Westminster.
According to the Wasting Mule 
Mr Jones claimed Mr Jones (He means Carwyn) and leader of the Opposition Leanne Wood were “out of step with the communities they represent” on the issue.
How much out of step they are as the full extent  of the Leave vote om Jobs and the Economy in Wales emerges is a nute point'

He said:
 “Britain’s vote to leave the EU presents us with a huge opportunity to carve out a prosperous future as an independent nation, but it is not without its challenges and Welsh politicians must ensure that our voice is heard in the negotiations which must now take place with EU leaders... That’s why I would urge the First Minister to be gracious in defeat, and establish an advisory committee of AMs to drive forward Wales’ response to the referendum result.
“Rather than seeking to usurp the Welsh Government, such a committee would need to complement their work – but it is clear that its make-up would need to be reflective of public opinion in Wales on this issue.”
It seems  odd to set up up a Committee unless its remit was to make sure Wales did not suffer unduly and the promises made to Wales by the Leave side were kept,

Mr Jones suggested the committee could be chaired by Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies.
He said: “
Andrew RT Davies could potentially be an ideal candidate to chair such a committee, having taking the brave step of backing the campaign to leave the EU, and I’m sure that he would have the support of other leave campaigners here in Wales – including those in Ukip who also played such an influential role in the campaign

Mind you  the Welsh Government seem to be uncertain what their response will be  

A spokesman said,
We don’t see any merit in this idea. The Welsh Government will work through the consequences of the vote in good faith in the interests of the people of Wales.“The National Assembly for Wales is in the process of seeing up a new, more open and transparent committee structure and the consequences of the Brexit vote will no doubt feature heavily on upcoming agendas.”

Despite Mr Jones (a Devo Sceptic ) claims that he was not seeking to usurp the Welsh Government, . Appointing  a Leave campaigner  may seem to reflect the view of the Welsh Electorate but it seems to me that as the SS Great Britain heads to the rocks . It may not be a good idea to to have someone who claims to represent  Wales on the Bridge    saying its OK what you decide and telling  Captain  Boris  full steam ahead.

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