Saturday, 18 June 2016

Alex Salmond may win it for REMAIN.

It may prove  ironic that of there is a REMAIN vote next Thursday some       credit may go to Alex Salmond 

On Tuesday  he exposed Boris Johnson the sortof  bullshitting his way through his entire campaign

Johnson admits he hasn’t actually read a Bank of England study he quotes while attacking EU immigration.

Alex Salmond says the research shows that immigration only has a tiny effect on average wages.

 A day later now an MP at Westminster, Mr Salmond campaigned for a Remain vote with Plaid Cymrupoliticians including Leanne Wood and Dafydd Wigley beneath the Aneurin Bevan statue in Cardiff city centre .

Plaid Cymru Launch their Remain in the EU Campaign in Cardiff

BREXIT supporters were gathering at the same time around the late comedian Tommy Cooper statue. I'll leave you to ponder on the symbolism.

Asked why he didn’t want a Leave vote, which could quickly be followed by another Scottish independence referendum, Mr Salmond said:

 “Because I know there’s going to be another Scottish independence referendum in a wee while. I’d rather that was in the timescale that the people of Scotland wanted, rather than being bounced into it by a Brexit vote across the UK. If there is a Brexit vote, there will be another Scottish referendum within two or three years, no question in my opinion.”

Mr Salmond said he was the only politician apart from George Osborne who had campaigned in all four UK nations for Remain: 

“To me the argument is clear. Europe has played a part in peace and prosperity in western Europe for the last six decades. We are one corner of the world where it’s inconceivable that a conflict could break out between two democracies within the EU. That argument in itself to me dwarfs every other argument – and it’s entirely positive. You don’t have to say if there was Brexit there would be World War Three – that’s silly. But most people would concede there’s been a contribution to peace and prosperity from the EU for six decades. And if you believe that, you should vote Remain.”

Mr Salmond said another compelling argument related to the future of the NHS. He said:

 “We’re standing under the statue of Aneurin Bevan and we know that if there’s an out vote next week, Cameron and Osborne will fall and they’ll be replaced by Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson, and we know from what John Major said that each and every one of these three either wants to privatise, marketise or charge for the health service. We’re standing under Aneurin Bevan’s statue – the greatest Welsh politician along with Lloyd George who ever lived."He built the health service and he wouldn’t be standing by allowing by mistake the country to usher in a right-wing gang who would privatise and destroy the health service.

It  seems that the most positive message is coming from outside the outside the main REMAIN  camp . 

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