Sunday, 5 June 2016

At least we can wear this Welsh Shirt with pride.

l an much more of a Rugby Fan rather than football, But at least those fallowing  the round ball can  at least  where their replica kit with pride,

For the record the 2016 official kit pf the Welsh Team that will soon be playing in European Championship next Saturday

Alas we Rugby fans are expected to wear this

WRU Mens Home Replica Jersey

The major difference of course is that whilst the WFA badge is a stylised Draig Goch the WRU have  opetrd to use the Three Feathers of the heir to the English Throne the badge having no connection with the native Princes of Wales.

As bot a Nationalist and Republican , I object to wearing a Welsh Rugby shirt with the logo of someone whose claim to be "Prince of Wales" I object to,

So unless I am given a shirt with these symbols on as gift I seek out Welsh Rugby shirt with a less subservient badge.

Something like this

Wales Welsh 'Fashion-Fit' Ladies Rugby Shirt (16/18)

So Football supporters can wear their replica kit with pride .

We followers of the oval  ball must either wear something like the above , or wear a symbol of our conquest.

It something we will not see changing soon or ever. but in the meantime perhaps we should agree on alternative badge designed  to show our true allegiance and not to a foreign Prince.


  1. Whatever about the badge after today’clueless, embarrassment against Sweden it looks like welsh football is going the way of welsh rugby, the players thinking they’ve arrived having qualified, they’ve given up trying and are waiting for a Bale miracle to win every match.

    And like WRU and Gatland, Chris Coleman has signed a new contract before a major championships while his team look more and more one dimensional, do those running welsh sport ever learn?

    Next Saturday when they play Slovakia and WRU take on New Zealand looks increasingly like the latest in a long line of hugely embarrassing days for Welsh sport.

  2. Your rugby shirt has the white Saxon dragon on it!
    Most international rugby sides shirts have the country's national plant or animal on it. The Leek is ours.