Sunday, 12 June 2016

Minority of thugs shame England.

It is a pity  that Wales's excellent start in Euro 2016 jas bee m marred by events elsewhere
The BBC reports that a number of British people are in hospital in France, the UK's ambassador has said following a series of clashes between football fans in Marseille.
Note "British People" though it was excursively English Fans
Although the BBC note violence has broken out between England fans, rival supporters and police for three days in the French port city.
Though the BBC seem intent on placing the blame on others,
There were also clashes in the stadium following England's 1-1 Euro 2016 draw with Russia, after Russia fans appeared to rush at England supporters.
French police said one Briton had been seriously hurt in the earlier clashes.
Witnesses said trouble began in the stadium after flares were let off by Russian fans near the end of the game. Some fans had then climbed across barriers designed to keep rival fans apart.
An England supporter, who was in the stadium, told the BBC: "As soon as the Russian goal went in, the Russian guys, sort of, streamed across.
"The segregation wasn't too great. So it seemed pretty easy for the guys to steam across. It seemed to just sort of separate."
And another fan said: "There were some Russian fans who got same flares in. They were lighting them, there was a loud bang, and then you saw the line of Russian fans... just charging across at the England fans.
"I saw a flare going into the England section or mixed the section. But all England fans just ran across, and as soon as the fans started running everyone ran."
Welsh fans have been behaving impeccably and the Wasting Mule reports that 

  This was the remarkable scene as thousands of Welsh football fans departed the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux singing as if they were never going to stop.

Before we get to complacent  we must remember we have our own share of idiots ans we will son be playing the two sides who have disgraced the tournaments,

The vast majority of English Fans are simply thee to watch football and it is unfortunate that they have been smeared with  the actions of others

Indeed it is a salutary  lesson for us all.

But again it is a minority if the thousand if English Fans who are disgracing thier team and nation and we should not label them all with this,

as one Twitter use put it

Eliminate England from the tournament. But it was a tiny minority, not representative. Ah, now you get the immigrant/terrorist debate.

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