Sunday, 1 March 2015

Welsh Lib/Dems rewrite history.

 You got yo love the Welsh Lib/Dems  chutzpa

A packed Spring  Conference hows the confidence the Party  is   in

 I nicked the above from BlogMenai and as Cai ask take away the Press and how many are there?

The Wasting Mule on line gives space to to leading  speakers
Firstly Wales Office minister Jenny Randerson told activists. Liberal Democrats must get back into Government to ensure that Welsh devolution continues, .

Baroness Randerson said:
 “For the first time the Assembly has tax raising and borrowing powers to add to the full legislative powers we ensured it had in 2011. What we need now is for the Welsh Labour Government to show leadership by calling an income tax referendum soon and campaigning vigorously for the additional powers they have told us they need.”
 She added:
 “Don’t underestimate the progress we have made. For the first time we have all the elements of a proper parliament for Wales – now all we need to do is change the name.”
  I wouldn't care if you renamed the Assembly the "Supreme Soviet Gymru" it would still be third rate and would mask Devo Dipyn Bach. for what it is.

I am unsure whether  Ms Randerson  is claiming full credit  for gaining  full legislative powers  for the Assembly 2011. with her "we ensured" but it a rather hollow claim

What Ms Randerson and the rest of the Welsh LibDems  should be saying is that the price of them (if there are any left) supporting the rest of the Parties in any coalition would be Parity with Scotland

And then La Pasionaria  spoke to the Nation.

Ms Williams welcomed Friday’s pledge by the UK Government parties to devolve a new package of powers but said that many of the “good ideas” put forward by the cross-party Silk Commission were not included.
She said this was because the Tories and Labour “wouldn’t sign up to anything” and claimed it was “laughable” to hear Mr Miliband talk about devolution.

She added:

 “[The] Tories and Labour are dithering and delaying, disgracefully stopping Welsh progress. Our party remains the only party that is fully subscribed to the Silk Commission’s recommendations.”
Plaid Cymru, she said, made “outlandish calls on underfunding” due to a “desperate need to be relevant”.
Stating that the nationalist party had “no influence in Westminster,” she said: “They never have, they never will.”

Its a common consensus that Plaid  MPs punch well beyond their weight  and Ms Williams may reflect that  in 2010 it had been nearly eighty years since the Liberals had any influence in Westminster and then it was to become the bag carriers to the Tories pushing forward the ideological  driven Austerity Programme.

Insisting her party was the “good news story” that has come out of the coalition, she said:
“We remain the only way to ensure there’s a Liberal voice right at the heart of Government
Five Years of "Influence" has left the Party that often portrayed itself as the "Conscious of the Nation" has left it in shame and derision from many who used to back it.

All the Welsh Lib Dems prove is that are willing to claim credit  even for the piss poor offering we had this week  but are not prepared to accept the blame  that they have participated  in a government that has spent five years pushing forward an ideological attack on the poorest members of society designed to shift public from the Banks and Financiers who got us in the appealing financial mess the whole world is now in.

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