Wednesday, 25 March 2015

George Brown - Paul Nuttal / How not to address Y Fro Cymraeg

I seem to recall that during the 1970 General Election Campaign Geprge Brown, the then Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in a rally in North Wales issued the infamous words.
"Who cares about your Bloody Language?"

It became part of a popular poster, distributed throughout y Fro Cymraeg before the following election in 1974.

Now in what is claimed to be T the first ever English-language public meeting in Porthmadog, a town where the vast majority of residents live their lives through the medium of the Welsh language another Deputy leader Paul Nuttall . of Ukip has courted similar controversy

During a discussion about youth unemployment Mr Nuttall began to be heckled (otr may be admonished is a better word ) by two people who were outraged that no provision was available to ask questions in Welsh.

Dr Simon Brooks and Richard Roberts were the men taking UKIP to task, and Dr Brooks said:

The fact that there are no translation facilities, no Welsh leaflets, and no representatives who speak Welsh – in a town where most people speak Welsh – is a disgrace.”

Mr Nuttall accused Dr Brooks and Mr Roberts of being...
“the enemies of free speech and anti-democratic.

“We are one country, the majority of people in Wales speak English, if people come here they should learn English.”
I wonder hoe this will go down in Y Fro Cymraeg especially ?

Could it be that Ukip are seeking the votes of the minority of Anti-Welsh language voters , Not all by along chalk incomers to Wales .

Of course if they were to switch from the major parties this could in fact help Plaid in the constituencies they are fighting to win in GE2015 .

If the Anti Welsh Language crowd who wish to vote against Plaid under the First Past the Post system switch from Labour in most seats (or Lib Dem ) in Ceredigion it could sweep Plaid in to something like the six seats they will need to make a mark next May.

But before you start cheering in other parts of Wales Ukip may pick up the sort of votes of dissatisfied Labour supporters which Plaid may be seeking to win in May.

It would be great to see Plaid wining in Ynys Mon Ceredigion and Llanellli but lets hope that they are not eclipsed in the Industrial Valleys where in the end the future of an Independent Democratic and Socialist Wales lies.

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