Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Nicola Sturgeon in "Vote Plaid in Wales" Bombshell.

The Wasting Mule Online seems to be astonished  that the  Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon has advised people in Wales to vote Plaid Cymru.
In the wake of a much vaunted pact  between Plaid n the SNP and Greens it hardly surprising  that  The Scottish First Minister has also advised English voters to back the Green Party - or their local Labour candidate if they are “progressive” and prepared to challenge the party leadership.
The SNP hopes to secure enough votes in Scotland to build a post-election alliance with a minority Labour UK government to evict the Conservatives from Downing St,

But maybe the Mule Online  correspondent  Mark McLaughlin (Who seems to be the Press Association reporter for the Scottish Parliament)  aimis to claim  her advice could harm Labour’s election prospects as it would lose its 26 seats in Wales while the Conservatives would lose eight. and push forward  Labour's vote Plaid?SNP get Tory  government Caim.

The SNP is also expected to make a massive dent in Labour’s 40-strong representation in Scotland, according to the polls.and Labour there have been peddling a lie that it is the largest party that will form the next government.

For the record  this is how the events after a General Election.will take place.

The current Prime Minister if he or she has an absolute majority  they can go to Buckingham Palace and inform the Queen that they can form a Government  and Liz  approves of this.

If the opposition now has has overall majority the PM says he can't form a government and advises the Queen to call for the leader of the opposition. 

If it is a hung Parliament then even if the PM no longer leads the largest Party then as in March 1974 or Brown in 2005 can remain as PM until it becomes clear they haven't enough support and he or she again advises  Liz that she should call the leader of the opposition.

Who then  if they can say they can form a coalition government  will become PM.

Things have changed a bit since 2005.  We now have mandatory Parliaments and it may be that the leader of the largest party can form a minority Government in exactly the same way Labour do at the Welsh Assembly

But it entirely possible that even without forming a coalition the leader of the second largest party  can find enough support  to take over the government via formal or in formal pacts. 

Messy but not unconstitutional  .

It is even possible a charismatic third party leader can cobble enough MP to form a government .
Speaking after a lecture to the London School of Economics, she said:
Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon
 “If you live in Wales, I’d advise you to vote for Plaid Cymru.
“If you live in England, I think there is an argument for voting Green.
“I think there is, depending on if you think your Labour candidate is progressive and is prepared to challenge, then, perhaps.
“It’s not for me to tell people in England how to vote.”
She added: “I’m a progressive politician.
“I think in Scotland that means voting SNP without a shadow of a doubt.
“I want to see as many progressive voices in the House of Commons after the election, and that is SNP, Green, Plaid Cymru.
“I would like to see more progressive Labour voices challenging the Labour leadership, so that there is that scope for that progressive alliance that I spend a bit of time in London talking about.
“So that’s my advice, take it or leave it, but if you live in Scotland definitely vote SNP

That is the advise I concur with inducing the bit   about voting for a progressive Labour candidate and I would personally include the odd LibDem (but not a sitting one).

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