Friday, 20 March 2015

There is an Alternative to the Budget but its not coming from the LibDems or Labour.

There was something rather sad and pathetic in the commons yesterday,  when Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander, the second most senior Liberal Democrat in the coalition presented alternative Budget plans to those put forward by the Chancellor. In what could be is Swan Song not only as a Minister and as a MP  where he faces loosing to the SNP in next May election.
Alexander  more less declared an end to the coalition  as he he laid out his “better economic plan” which “borrows less than Labour and cuts less than the Conservatives”.
Mr Alexander criticised the plans contained in the official Budget to cut government spending to 1964 levels –“the era of Cathy Come Home”.
He outlined plans to achieve the £30bn of savings needed to eliminate the structural current deficit through a combination of tax rises, tackling tax avoidance, departmental cuts and welfare savings.
He said: 
“[The] fiscal plans I’m setting out today are based on a further £6bn from tax dodgers, an additional £6bn of tax rises – those in high value property, the banking sector and others should pay more rather than asking those working on low incomes to accept less.“This would leave around £12bn of departmental expenditure savings and the remaining £3.5bn from welfare savings.”

So If there is a vote on the Budget before the Commons goes into recess before the Election  will he and his fellow LibDems vote against  the Chancellor' proposal .

Its going to be a bit late in the day to say you are sorry for being part of a l government that has for the the last 5 years imposing idealogical cuts .M

Meanwhile Plaid Cymru has claimed that it could reduce the deficit in a “fair and equitable way” through measures which would raise £100bn over the next five years.

Treasury spokesman Jonathan Edwards said: 
We would implement limiting income tax relief on pension contributions to the standard rate, which according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) would save the Treasury £10bn a year. We would also lift the employee upper earnings limit on National Insurance Contributions to £100,000 a year which would yield £10bn per annum.“Those on higher incomes who contribute to their pensions already benefit from many breaks and allowances and by ending the income tax relief on higher and additional rates, £50bn could be saved over the course of the next parliament. Currently those earning over £805 a week – £42,500 per year – only pay 2% National Insurance Contributions on earnings over that level.“Those most able to contribute, should do, and by raising the upper earnings limit in this way, would bring in another £50bn over the next parliament... With these two measures Plaid Cymru would ensure that £100bn is secured over the course of the next Parliament to pay down the UK debt and deficit in a prudent way.“In contrast, the current UK government will have only carried out £126bn of consolidation measures over the course of the present parliament. The austerity experiment has failed.“They haven’t paid off the deficit by 2015 as promised due to implementing cuts that sucked demand out of the economy and hit revenues, whilst at the same time giving tax cuts to their banker and fat cat friends in the City of London.”

With Ed Balls has saying there was nothing in a “pretty empty” Budget which Labour would reverse if it won the election.  It is clear that those looking for an alternative to the Austerity pact pf the Tories LibDems and Labour  should seriously consider voting for a Plaid.SNP,Greem (or Mebyon Kernow) candidate  in May.

For perhaps the first time  in over 50 years everyone in the UK  has a choice between the establishment and a radical left leaning alternative ,

Whether you live in Glasgow ,Belfast, Cardiff ,London or Truro this an opportunity to vote for a change in the way we are governed don't miss it.


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