Monday, 23 March 2015

Labour-Tory Establishment agree stop Scotland from Independence or being ia Power in the UK

Not since the 1923 General Election  of 1923 have the establishment been thrown into a panic 

 Although Stanley Baldwin,  Conservatives won most seats . Labour's , MacDonald formed the first ever Labour government with tacit support from the Liberals. Asquith's motivation for permitting Labour to enter power, rather than trying bring the Liberals back into government, was that he hoped they would prove to be incompetent and quickly lose support.

UK General Election 1923
PartyStandingElectedGainedUnseatedNet % of total %No.Net %
 Conservative536258- 8641.95138.05,286,159-0.5
 Labour427191+ 4931.05630.74,267,831+1.0
 Liberal457158+ 9625.69129.74,129,922+10.8
 Independent6201- 10.3250.336,802-0.5
 Communist4001- 10.234,2580.0
 Being in a minority, MacDonald's government only lasted 10 months and another election was held in October  1924 with a Tory Landslide  but it was the :Liberals  who lost heavily ending up with just 40 seats  and the Labpur -Tory two party system became the norm

The reaction of the great unwashed  forming least of all being part of the Government  from the Public School Oxbridge elite could be hared throughout the land .

Now they are expressing outrage a t the prospect of the Scots who were supposed to be licking their wounds after the referendum campaign  and NO vote  voting for what some Unionist consider the equivalent of the local Mau Mau.

Witness Tory minister Anna Soubry  ( Who must send some Tory MPs into s frenzy with memorise of Matron at School)  responding to Alex Salmond 

As Wings over Scotland seems to be experiencing a degree of regret about having begged Scots to stay in the UK. The body language says as much as the words.

Her mention pf Trident and Putin  is especially Ironic since it was claimed  that David  Cameron's Government wanted  the backing of the Russian President  in the battle against Scottish independence,.

Itar-Tass, citing a source in the Conservative Prime Minister's office, said Britain was "extremely interested" in referendum support from Russia, which this year holds the presidency of the influential G8 group of rich industrial nations.
The state-owned agency - acknowledged as the Kremlin's official mouthpiece before and after the end of Communism - said the Cameron aide had warned Scottish independence could "send shockwaves across the whole of Europe".
Meanwhile there's a claim that Yesterday’s interviews could prove to have been Alex Salmond’s Sheffield rally moment from Political Betting ..

Though why a Politician being refreshingly honest about his parties intentions could be proved to be a wrong move is somewhat disturbing for those of us who like our politicians to be open with us.

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  1. Bored of Labour23 March 2015 at 20:10

    Poliitcal Betting is run by Mike Smithson a well know Labour supporter who made a lot of cash from the referendum betting on a NO vote so his views on Alex Salmond are hardly neutral

    Wings is right, the British establishment is getting its wish, if they hadn't smeared the SNP and lied to the Scots for last 2 years about the true state of an independent Scotland and about using the £ as currency, Scotland would already be independent and they wouldn't be having sleepless nights.