Saturday, 21 March 2015

Rhyl South West - results ward another Labour Hold (Yawn).

Any one hoping for  Political Earthquake in the Rhyl South West By-election will be disappointed .

Labour held on the seat easily and continue what must be a impressive number of defences  run . Only I believe  loosing two seats in by-elections in Wales since their landslide in 2012 Ian Johnson on the Buttrills Ward on the Vale of Glamorgan. for Plaid in 2012 and former Lib Dem Peter May as Independent in the Uplands ward on Swansea Council last November.
Any more let me know.

The Result  County Council - Thursday, 19 March 2015
Rhyl South West - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Peter PrendergastLabour47464%Elected
 Melanie Ann JonesConservative13118%Not elected
 David John WilmotPlaid Cymru - The Party of Wales628%Not elected
 Diana HannamIndependent527%Not elected
 David Malcolm DearLiberal Democrats

County Council - Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rhyl South West - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Patricia Margaret JonesLabour79739%Elected
 Margaret McCarrollLabour64732%Elected
 David Anthony James ThomasIndependent1849%Not elected
 Glyn WilliamsIndependent1417%Not elected
 Harold Winston BennettConservative1166%Not elected
 William James DawsonConservative965%Not elected
 David Malcolm DearLiberal Democrats713%Not elected
Labour also held the seat on Rhyl Town council
Rhyl [Cefndy] - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Stanley Frederick WalkerLabour35276%Elected
 Melanie Ann JonesConservative7717%Not elected
 David Malcolm DearLiberal Democrats327%Not elected

It seems that anyone looking at council by-election results for a pointer to any change in Welsh seats in GE2012 may well be disappointed. 

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  1. The recent itv wales yougov poll giving labour 2 more mps in wales was a very good pointer to how the general election is likely to pan out. Certainly highly unlikely any of the other parties will be adding to their numbers in wales.