Friday, 27 March 2015

First of the Election leaflets for Ponty and Labour score badly,

So GE2015  officially starts

In the Pontypridd Constituency  we are not expecting the challenge for the seat  from the Liberal Democrats that we sow in 2010  and although they have the same candidate he has nit nursed the Constituency  and  leafleting well before the campaign  began

General Election 2010a : Pontypridd[14]
LabourOwen Smith14,22038.8−15.4
Liberal DemocratMike Powell11,43531.2+11.2
ConservativeLee Gonzalez5,93216.2+4.6
Plaid CymruIoan Bellin2,6737.3−3.7
UKIPDavid Bevan1,2293.4+0.8
Socialist LabourSimon Parsons4561.2N/A
ChristianDonald Watson3651.0N/A
GreenJohn Matthews3611.0N/A
Labour holdSwing−13.3

So i hope to amylase many of the leaflets  during this campaign  as the seat as probably become safe again and I will not inondadted.

First off the Blocj has been Labour Yesterday with Labour Candidate (and Current MP) Owen Smith with a paper called Labour Herald.

In it there clear indication in Ponty at least going for the more Traditional  We;sh voter

I wonder if similar sentiments will be in Labour Manifesto  as Labour moves to appease Middle England and areas of Low wages like Pontypridd  will be ignored id Ed Balls becomes Shadow Chancellor ;

After all in thirteen years of the Blair/Brown government we waited in vain for such a policy that Owen Smith  has promised (but will not be able to deliver.

There was also in this paper a shameful attempt to tide on the hard work a number of volunteers  had done in preserving their local amenities cut by Labour controlled  Rhondda Cynon Taf. in which the Pontyprdd  Constituency lies.

Many of the volunteers will be Labour members and supporters  but others will be those who are disgusted with Labour councillors who voted to close their Library.

It all well and good blaming the Tory- Lib/Dem coalition  but  Nowhere  have I found Mr Smith condemning his Labour Colleagues  on the Council and suggesting that they cut allowances and Executive pay before damaging our communities.

At times it looks like he is taken credit for his Party in the work if others.

So how many points will I give to this  first e;ection leaflet?

Once again the Welsh Language is absent from electoral leaflet and leads me to dock even more points for the score I would give it.

On the whole printed on low quality paper hard to read  especially by the poor sighted . Full of promises that Labour may not even place in their GE2015 Manifesto 3/10,

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  1. Good post, hope you're feeling better.

    Sadly Labour gets away with this in the Valleys because residents dont question anything, dont vote or Vote Labour out of habit and we've got the strong possibility of UKIP being second in all Valleys seats ahead of the Assembly elections, a truly terrifying thought.