Tuesday, 24 March 2015

10 reasons why a Blue Labour -Tory Grand Coalition may be on the cards.

There has been much speculation about whether Labour  could go into coalition with the SNP or form some of vote by vote agreement .

But it is just as likely that Labour and the Tories will form a  Grand Coalition

  1. Both have signed up to continuing Austerity Programme
  2. Labour will be tougher than the Tories when it comes to slashing the benefits bill, Rachel Reeves, the new shadow work and pensions secretary, has insisted 
  3. Both want to renew Trident 
  4. Neither Labour nor the Tories are really keen on  providing further Devolution  for Wa;es certainly not Parity with Scotland".
  5. Although it remains to be seen both  will probably fall short of proposing the sort of Devomax for Scotland as stated in the infamous VOW .
  6. Both will support any Interventionist Policy proposed by the USA even if the next President is a Tea Party Nut Job
  7. Both oppose any form of PR and together can resist it 
  8. Both are in reality trying to influence voters of "Middle England " in marginal constituencies. The rest of us particularly where there are  huge majorities  don;t count.
  9. Both are run by the Oxbridge elite   most of whom have never done anything outside politics  and despite the bluster have a cosier relationship than most of their non Oxbridge colleagues.
  10. Above all they both want to make sure a Progressive Social Democratic Party like the SNP ,  Plaid  or the Greens who don't agree with the above points do not have their hands on any power in Westminster.
Do not be surprised if Dave and Ed come to agreement  with the former  becoming PM and Miliband his deputy. especially after Cameron has announce he will not serve a term after this election . Maybe they will swap positions in 2017-2015 with Miliband  becoming PM  and the Tories  using the Time to select a new leader  in 2020.

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  1. I think point 10 is the most likely reason for them to team up. They are scared stiff of having their power monopoly broken up.