Thursday, 7 August 2014

Why is Gutto Bebb such a defender of Israel?

AberConwy MP has responded to the criticism  leveled at him largely as a result from an open letter on the thoughts of Oscar Blog on his apparent  support for Israel
Mr Bebb is adamant that donations listed in his register of interests from businessman Alexander Temerko are not linked to his views on Israel. Mr Bebb insists he is unaware of the donor’s views on Israel.
The MP, who states that he has never been on a visit funded by the Israeli Government, said: 
“My views on Israel were shaped by an essay I wrote in primary school on the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.“I joined Conservative Friends of Israel back in 2007 at the Blackpool conference. I paid my £10 fee to become a member. Rather than receiving support for being a CFI member, I paid to join.”

Do any MPs  receiving money  from a n obvious controversial source ever bother to ask why 

According to the Conservative, the only long term solution to the conflict between Hamas and Israel, including raising the blockade on Gaza, would be to have a de-militarised strip and to have an international military presence.

"I've heard a lot of condemnation from politicians, but not one says that an international force in Gaza is needed," said Guto Bebb. "I have not heard anyone offer a creative idea of how to stop this.  International security would be necessary in order to ensure that Hamas could not be rearmed." He also questioned the motivation of constituents who had contacted him to condemn the killing in Gaza and called for intervention there, without doing the same for other wars. "I have not had any e-mail relating to the slaughter in Syria since the beginning of the year," he said. "What I get is that the humanitarian situation in Gaza is appalling, and I completely agreed.  "But it's hard to deny that there are double standards in the matter - the people who call for intervention in Gaza are often one and the same as those who said that we should not intervene in Syria."

Well Mr Bebb there's a big difference between Gazo and Syria
  • Firstly: Syria is a Civil War whilst Gaza is part of an occupied Palestine which with the building of Israeli settlements means that the occupiers have no interest to return peace progress or no progress.
  • Secondly: our government sells arms to Israel and are  therefore complacement in its actions when using them
  • Thirdly : I am nor a ware of any Parliamentary Group called the "Friends of Syria" which identifies with either side of the conflict while "Friends of Israel "clearly back the latter.
  • Finally: we are constantly informed by the likes of Mr Bebb  that Israel is the only democracy in the region . Should we not expect a democracy to behave better?

Gutto Bebb is of course the Grandson  Ambrose Bebb (4 July 1894 – 27 April 1955)  co-founder of Plaid Cymru, Bebb took a keen interest in politics and is often smeared by Labour Politicians as being   inclined towards fascism, influenced by Charles Maurras of the Action Française movement and often wrongly smeared of antisemitism no matter haow many times it is debunked.
With Plaid openly critical of Israel, I wonder when this smear will reemerge . But I aalso  wonder if it has influenced Gutto's choice of friends.

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