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Maybe Dan Snow should have another look at Scotland History

One of the arguments put forward during the campaign for Irish Independence was

The fact that Ireland seeks to leave the British Empire (The most powerful the time) clearly shows that they are unfit for Independence.
I wonder if TV Historian Dan Snow is aware of this Paradox.

Mr Snow  who has come up with A giant Letter to Scotland signed by more than 200 celebrities has an interesting view of History 

June Sarpong, Dan Snow, Ben Fogle and Tom Holland with the Letter to Scotland.
OK I recognise  Dan Snow and Ben Foggle but who are the others two?

In  the Independent in June  he wrote

History is all about myths For example, this year – when the future of Scotland is being decided – is the anniversary of Bannockburn [24 June 1314, a Scottish victory in the First War of Scottish Independence]. But that battle was about two medieval, French-speaking warlords going at one another in a way and at a time and environment which has limited relevance to us today. And the idea of an ethnically pure Scottish side and ethnically pure English side attacking one another is absurd.
But of course the question was not what language Eobert the Bruce or Edward 11 spoke it was about England Invading Scotland

Like Mr Snow I have no idea about the motivations of those who fought at Bankerburn  but he must be aware of the Declaration of Arbroath true I got this of Wikepedia  but nevertheless its plain that some in Scotland had an Idea of Scotland as a Sovereign Nation
The Declaration made a number of rhetorical points: that Scotland had always been independent, indeed for longer than England; that Edward I of England had unjustly attacked Scotland and perpetrated atrocities; that Robert the Bruce had delivered the Scottish nation from this peril; and, most controversially, that the independence of Scotland was the prerogative of the Scottish people, rather than the King of Scots. In fact it stated that the nobility would choose someone else to be king if Bruce proved to be unfit in maintaining Scotland's independence. Some have interpreted this last point as an early expression of 'popular sovereignty'[4] – that government is contractual and that kings can be chosen by the community rather than by God alone.

Mr Snow also has a peculiar view of Nationalism outside a "British" concept he also wrote in June 
Alex Salmond has made nationalism sound progressive. but it's not It's an absolute curse and since it was unleashed in the world in the 1800s it has blighted the societies of everyone it's touched. Dividing people into national groupings separate from other people is deeply uncivilised and has led to the worst wars in human history. So to create a new nation state is an anachronistic thing to do, though I'm a fan of devolution.
So I presume Mr Snow intends to go to Latvia ,Estonia and Lithuania  and argue that they should rejoin the  Soviet Union.

Maybe he should be in Dublin calling for Ireland to rejoin the UK after all wouldn't we be better together .
Maybe he's a real Internationalist

One wonders what is view on the European is by his argument it should be for further integration .

It all well and good form Mr Snow to cal Nationalism as a curse but he's English (Though  apparently descended from Lloyd George). His Nation has never had its sovereignty taken away  though it has taken that of  many others ,

Scotland and Wales in my life time (I'm nearly 61) have had to endure years of Conservative government for which we didn't vote for and yet even under  Thatcher (let alone the current rabble) the argument is from Snow and Labour's Akistair Darling is  that we are Better together.

I finish of a quote from Gladstone on Ireland . Maybe TV Historian Dan Snow, should reflect on it.
We are bound to lose Ireland in consequence of years of cruelty, stupidity and misgovernment and I would rather lose her as a friend than as a foe.


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