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Is there "a curse of Elystan?"

What with Muhammad Asghar, Alun Davies and Gutto Bebb all managing to at the very least court some controversy after deserting Plaid  one wonders if there is some kind of curse on those who abandon "The Party of Wales"

The Wasting Mule Reports A controversial libel trial involving a now Tory Asquar  AM who in 2009 became the first AM to cross the floor  from Plaid to the conservatives isset to continue into 2015 after the case was adjourned until the New Year.For the last week High Court judge Mr Justice Baker has presided over the Newport trial in which the Shadow Sport and Equality Minister and his friend Abdul Rehman Mujahid are suing five members of the South Wales Pakistani Muslim community.All five defendants – Manzoor Ahmad, Farzand Ali, Shokat Butt, Mohammad Ali Hayat and Javed Javed – deny libelling Mr Asghar and Mr Mujahid in a newsletter called Update that was distributed at a public meeting, in a dossier handed to the National Assembly’s Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies, and on a website.All three publications accuse the two men of money laundering and other criminality.

Not the sought of Publicity his new Party wants I think.

 On 10 June 2014, the First Minister announced an investigation into a letter Alun Davies  who stood as a Plaid-Green Alliance candidate for the Blaenau Gwent parliamentary seat in 1992 and as a Plaid candidate for Cynon Valley in 1997. before joining Labour and securing what looked like a job for life as a Labour AM  wrote to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) re environmental concerns with the proposed development of the Circuit of Wales race track in his own constituency. As well as making up part of his ministerial portfolio, NRW had expressed concerns re the race tracks development.In an investigation undertaken by Permanent Secretary Sir Derek Jones CMG, his report published on 1 July 2014 concluded that Davies had breached the Ministerial Code] The report noted that in March 2013, Davies had been advised by his own department not to lobby even as the AM in the case of the race track, but had ignored this advice and had then written to NRW as the affected AM.[5] The report also revealed that the First Minister had contacted Davies in August 2013, after Davies had expressed support for the circuit openly in quote to the Western Mail newspaperDavies faced no punishment by the First Minister, but endured sustained calls for him to resign due to his behaviour.[6]On 8 July 2014 he was sacked by First Minister Carwyn Jones following his repeated written requests to his civil servants for the private details of Common Agricultural Policy payments made to opposition members, including: Andrew RT Davies (Leader, Welsh Conservatives); Antoinette Sandbach (Conservative); Kirsty Williams (Leader, Welsh Liberal Democrats); William Powell (Welsh Liberal Democrats); and Llyr Gryffudd (Plaid Cymru). and what looked like a swift climb up the gresy pol to even First Minister was over.

 Bebb is a former Plaid Cymru activist and was chair of the party in Caernarfon.[3] He defected to the Conservatives because of his Eurosceptic views. has ended up taking  legal action against the Blog Thoughts of Oscar for publishing the open letter sent to him via the blog.Mr Bebb recently visited Israel as part of a delegation of British MPs who met with Australian and Israeli counterparts on a range of issues and he is clear that the military campaign in Gaza should not have conti
Stating that Hamas and not Israel had rejected the ceasefire, he said: “I think it’s tragic. 

When you look at the human cost in Gaza of the decision to reject that ceasefire you have to ask yourself what has been gained.
“From Hamas’s perspective, they’ve put their civilian population through hell. From the Israeli perspective they’ve damaged beyond their com
prehension I suspect their image and good name in the world.”
Suggesting that Hamas sought to use the suffering in Gaza to damage Israel’s reputation, he said: “I can see no other reason why they put their population through the hell that they have suffered over the past few weeks.
“You do wonder whether they have decided to allow this catastrophe to their own people in order to score a PR point. It’s very difficult to conclude otherwise.”

Whilst I was in Israel with a delegation there were three ceasefires all breached by Hamas rocket fire. Since my return, there have been a further two ceasefires which were breached by Hamas rocket fires.“I think you have to be a very blinkered individual to look at that record of ceasefires being accepted and broken by Hamas not to conclude that the Israeli Government did understand the need to withdraw even before the military goals had been achieved.“It’s difficult for any Government to withdraw from a conflict when rockets are being targeted at civilians.”

Which is not perhaps what we are witnessing even from the biased BBC who can't disclosure the brutality of Israeli forces  against the Gaza population and Mr Beeb stance looks increasingly isolated 

It seems "The Curse of Elystan" whas struck again ehich could be said t have bega after Elystan Morgan
Originally a Plaid Cymru candidate, Morgancontested Wrexham three times, at the by-election in 1955, and at the general elections in 1955 and in 1959, and contested Merioneth at the general election in 1964.Morgan joined the Labour Party and was elected Member of Parliament for Cardiganshire, Wales at the 1966 general election, and served as a junior minister from 1968 to 1970, as Under-Secretary at the Home Office He was chairman of the Welsh Parliamentary Labour Party between 1971 and 1974. Largely avoiding the sort of controversy above apart from the wrath of Plaid activists In the February 1974 general election, Morgan lost his seat to the Liberal, Geraint Howell and largely falling into obscurity in the House of Lords.

All seem  have chosen to be small fish in a big pool rather than the reverse  only to find the new poo to be poisoned.

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