Saturday, 2 August 2014

Latest Welsh Byelections

Two Byelections in ales this week

Firstly Penydarren on Merthyr saw Labour  gain from Ukip  one of the handful of seats in Wales.
PENYDARREN - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Mccarthy John AllanLabour Party / Llafur Cymru25731%Elected
 Baker Thomas KerryIndependent23529%Not elected
 Barsi Clive GeorgeIndependent22828%Not elected
 Griffin BobWelsh Liberal Democrats - Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru628%Not elected
 Murphy Kimberly SianWelsh Conservative Party405%Not elected
Neil Geer  had first ben elected as  an Independent but then switched to Ukip and contested that seat in 2012 under that banner

Ukip failure to put up a candidate in a seat they were defending maybe reflects their lack of strength in wales but then Plaid failed to put up a candidate  in surely the sort of ward  it needs to make an impression if it is to capture the long sort  "Valleys Vote"
PENYDARREN - results
Election CandidatePartyVotes%
 Allan JonesIndependent65618%Elected
 Neil GreerUK Independence Party58816%Elected
 David IsaacLabour Party / Llafur Cymru56916%Elected
 Clive BarsiIndependent43812%Not elected
 John Allan McCarthyLabour Party / Llafur Cymru43512%Not elected
 Jaz JohalLabour Party / Llafur Cymru3379%Not elected
 Kerry BakerIndependent3159%Not elected
 Maria ReganIndependent2306%Not elected

Although this was a gain for Labour  a split Independent vote probably allowed them in and as in Aberaman North last week came very close to losing. Both results can  hardly be seen as an endorsement of the party

Plaid also failed to suply a candidate for the other Byelection  Th for Mostyn on Flintshire 

Pam Banks (Lab), 191
Richard Pendlebury (Con), 27
David Roney (Ind), 205 (elected)
Liz Soutter (UKIP) 80

 In 2012  in a strait fight the Independent won the seat comfortably

 Patrick Heesom 385 67% Elected
 Robert Dowie Labour / Llafur 188 33% Not elected

Interestingly despite gaining a combined vote of less than 100 in all  three recent byelections the Conservatives have like Labour managed to fight all the byelections.

Are they testing the water to se if their attack on the Welsh assembly Government  is working

 In recent weeks the prime minister has attacked the Labour Welsh Government’s record on NHS waiting times and  the now sacked Education Secretary Michael Gove had blasted the performance of Welsh schools.
Is it working?  The evidence suggest not an iota.

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