Friday, 15 August 2014

ABH (Anyone But Havard)

Daily Wales have used the latest used the latest Tool  from Wales Online  which gives some indication of how active out MPs are to focus on Merthyr  and Rhymney MP Dai Havard.

Of course such figures are  not always clear at first glance. but as   Y Cneifiwr  points out

What gets the Western Mail really excited, however, is that Chris Bryant (Lab., Rhondda) is top of the pops, appearing in more debates and speaking more often than any of his colleagues.
The problem with that of course is the difference between quality and quantity, and Bryant has made some notably disastrous appearances. Here is the Labour supporting New Statesman with a example of Bryant at work.

But as Daily Wales says Methyr's Dai Havard does not come out well

....., he has spoken in just thirteen debates in the last year, mainly on foreign affairs. His record is one of the worst of any Welsh Labour MP.Mr Havard voted against holding an inquiry into the Iraq War. He opposed any reform of the House of Lords but voted in favour of ID cards and the military covenant. Last week, Mr Havard took a tour of war graves which was paid for by a group linked to arms manufacturers. Keir Hardie, on the other hand, was a pacifist who vehemently opposed the UK’s entry into the First World War.Given all the problems that the communities in his constituency face, it would make sense for Mr Havard to work hard to allow Wales to gain the powers needed to fix those problems.
 At the last election Mr Havard saw the largest swing against an incumbent in Wales


General Election 2010: Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney[3][4]
LabourDai Havard14,00743.7-16.8
Liberal DemocratAmy Kitcher9,95131.0+17.0
ConservativeMaria Hill2,4127.5-1.4
IndependentClive Tovey1,8455.8N/A
Plaid CymruGlyndwr Jones1,6215.1-4.9
BNPRichard Barnes1,1733.7N/A
UKIPAdam Brown8722.7+0.4
Socialist LabourAlan Cowdell1950.6-0.3
Labour holdSwing

If the Lib Dems weren't so toxic after becoming the Tories Bag Carriers in the coalition government then this would be a clear target seat for them.

Indeed  Amy Kitcher  may have won some Plaid votes  by calling for Lib Dems to back Jill Evans  in the recent Euro Elections.
Plaid Cymru leaflet
However it is unlikely the Lib Dems will manage to put up such a strong challenge next time .

Nor alas will anyone else so Mr Havard will continue to be the MP for Merthyr and Rhymney earning his sallery and with the knowledge he doesn't  haven't to work hard in his constituency to get reelected.

Still  maybe consideration should for an  Anyone But Havard Candidate in 2016 .Surely the people of Merthyr and Rhymnet deserve someone better regardless of their Party colour?


  1. Maybe Ms Kitcher should consider standing for Plaid?

  2. It was in 4 years not one that he made his contributions His excuses are always the same merthyr does deserve better