Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Who won last nights debate? The London Media of course.

The Media  this morning including the BBC  are full of claims that Alistair Darling won last night debate  with Alex Salmon . However the facts are some what differentd

As you can see Alistair Darling may have won amongst decided voters

However  those numbers  trumpeted by the LondonMedia who were never going to admit a Salmond Victory show is that 
Well Those  who were YES voters before the debate thought Salmond won, and those who were NO voters before the debate thought Darling won, both by enormous margins. Astonishing.
But come on! As the NO  campaign was ahead that's what you would expect

But what about the real battle ground the poll  wining over the undecided  voters

According to the above , Salmond won ahead post debate  55-45 but by the end was ahead 74-26 amongst don't knows.
That’s a very different story to the one you’ll read in the London media
 The people who were not already decided and of which only a few were likely to witch anyway  gave it to Darling Those ones whose votes were actually being fought for, gave the win to Salmond. 
But you are unlikely to se this emphasised on the BBC or the rest of the London Media  who are opposedto Independence  and hardly unbiaseds.


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