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Carwyn Jones Y dyn pwysig

About the same time Carwyn Jones government  was being indecisive and dithering” in decision-making. he was giving  the people of Scotland the benefit of his wise leadership

Writing in the Daily Record  he tried to appear to be as a major player in British Politics

He wrote.
For me politics has always been a choice – whether you believe in solidarity and community or whether you think we are all just individuals trying to do the best for ourselves alone.I firmly believe in people working together. I believe there is such a thing as society and we all have a duty to make it fairer and that society has a responsibility to make individuals lives better.That doesn’t compete with my sense of identity as a Welshman. Indeed it is a sense of community which marks out my nation and it is an instinct we share with most Scots.But the difference I have with nationalists is that I do not believe that community has to stop at a border.It is why I believe in the United Kingdom.When we look at the difficulties that the European Union has as it tries to build a single currency and the single political and economic structures which are needed to make it work, it is remarkable to think that we on these islands started building our political, economic and social union more than five hundred years ago.What we have built together is truly unique – the most successful partnership of nations in the world.Despite the huge differences in size Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland have built a country where national identities, far from being suppressed, have thrived.We pool and share resources - although I would argue Wales should get a better deal than we do now.We have built great institutions which are greater than the sum of their parts.The National Health Service, the social security system and the BBC are all unique.
And as the UK we have built one of the most stable currencies in the world in sterling.

"We on these islands started building our political, economic and social union more than five hundred years ago".

So I presume Carwyn is writing about the Act of Union 1535–1542 which was intended to end the whole concept of a Welsh Nation 

Most would argue that .

 "While the Welsh gentry embraced the Acts and quickly attempted to merge themselves into English aristocracy, the majority of the population could have found themselves adrift amid a legal and economic system whose language and focus were unfamiliar to them."

The Social Economic Union Carwyn praise effectively banned the Welsh Language for nearly all of these 500 hundred years.

It was a Union that no Welsh people had a say in .

We did not have any choice in the matter . We were are conquered Nation absorbed into another.

So maybe Carwyn was refering ti the 1707 Act of Union whre Scotland 's Parliament  agreed to merge with that of England ( There was no mention of Wales because it had legally ceased to exist).

Even  then t bribery was also said to be a factor.[22] £20,000 (£240,000 Scots) was dispatched to Scotland for distribution by the Earl of Glasgow. James Douglas, 2nd Duke of Queensberry, the Queen's Commissioner in Parliament, received £12,325, more than 60% of the funding. (Some contend that all of this money was properly accounted for as compensation for loss of office, pensions and so forth not outwith the usual run of government.  Robert Burns referred to this:
We're bought and sold for English Gold,Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation.

The survival of a Welsh Identity despite the Union and the pondering of a the First Minister happy to little real power and to avoid using those anyway

Carwyn the n tries to convince Scitish readers that he has some power in the UK  when in reality in Westminster eyes he has about as much say as the leader of English Parish Councilil 

As Daily Wales  point out  he then enters  On the subject of the Scots continuing to use the pound, he wrote these fraternal words:
“I would firmly say no to such an arrangement. And bear in mind as the First Minister of a nation in the UK, I would want to have more say on the matter than the First Minister of an independent Scotland

No you wouldn't mate.

One Question Carwyn may answer is why a Welsh Labour Poltician is happy that since 1922 when we Labour gained the largest Number of Welsh seats we have been under the thumb of a Tory government for most of the time.

Why are you happy to be governed by David Cameron rather than lead your owb people is it because you don't want to or can't.

In one of his earlier songs Dafydd wrote about "Y dyn pwysig i bobl bach" an Important man to little people. Sums up Carwyn precisely,      

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  1. Carwyn Jones is unlikely to go against his political master in London especially as the Westminster establishment have closed ranks on a currency union.

    But at least he's been able to string a sentence together to express his opposition. All you seem to hear from Alistair Darling is What's Plan B, Plan B, Plan B.................