Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Should the Welsh Greens seek Independence for themselves?

I may be wrong  but the Green Party may be the only Party in the UK (apart from Plaid and Mebyon Kernow  to come out for a YES vote in Scotland.

In a meeting in Camden Town Hall Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, said given that the political framework had hardly changed in a century since women got the vote, independence provided the opportunity to push for a written constitution enshrining personal rights.

“We support our Scottish colleagues, who chose independence for themselves in 1990, in their strong and effective push to build a new model of society on our isles, one where the economy works for the common good, not just for the few, and the vulnerable are protected and supported,” she said
“And we look towards the exciting possibilities of real change for England and Wales that Scottish independence would bring.”

Scottish Green Party co-convener Patrick Harvie, who has Played a vital role in the YES campaign teoargued that independence will not mean Scotland turning its back on its neighbours.

He told an Camden Town Hall the 
Some commentators and No campaigners have lazily portrayed a Yes vote as Scotland cutting friends adrift, when in fact it’s an opportunity to lead the way and show that there is an alternative to the unfair austerity, social division and international aggression pursued by Westminster,” Mr Harvie said.
“Greens the world over believe in bringing power closer to the people, and for equality to be at the centre of decision-making.
“There’s an opportunity to be seized in Scotland on September 18 and if we use our new powers wisely we can only spur on our colleagues elsewhere to keep pushing for fairness, democracy and peace.”
Some reading this Blog  may weli ask What about Wales and Cornwall? and why there is no separate  Welsh Green Party ?

The Parties website 

Does refer to Wales as like Scotland and Northern Ireland as having a Sister party.

However the link does not work  and directs you to and although the web addresss  is given as the  Welsh Greens the page is not that of Wales Green Party which in itself is a disappointment in that it appears not to contain any use of the Welsh Language..and when you click on the Policy link it seems that there are no unique Welsh Policies
It may be that the Greens here are to small in number to really organise as a separate identity.
Which is a pity .

I don't want to be over critical  of the Greens here. They are are  progressive allies after all, and if I was  living in Scotland or England or Northern Ireland I would have  no qualms about voting for them (MK in Cornwall though)

But surely it is in the interest of the Greens in Wales to forge a separate Welsh Identity

I really can't see them progressing here unless they become like the Scottish Greens a Political party in favour of Independence which offers challenges not only the UK parties, but  also Plaid Cymru when it fails to live up to its own Green and progressive  rhetoric.

I hope this will occur,  Wales needs a Green Party that has its own identity and the Scottish example shows how vital that is.  

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