Thursday, 21 August 2014

Vote Calum Higgins for Dog Catcher!

I make no apology to posting a story already covered by Y Cneifwr    and Welsh Not British because it needs as much coverage as possible

Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate  for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Callum Higgins, has given his name to a leaflet which  simply invites  criticism

 Firstly  there's that statement

If you chose to vote Labour, you'll be voting for Labour representation who will fight to protect the facilities and services that you and this community value ,we will push back against the Tory?Plaid cuts that are hurting families and get the best deal for you.
Tory/Plaid  cuts maybe its a misprint and should be  Tory/Lib Dem but I doubt it but for the record maybe a PPC should know what the power structure is

Westminster has a Tory/Lid Dem coalition with a Labour opposition which has publicly stated it will not reverse  the cuts

:"I'm not heading into this expecting popularity. Quite the opposite.
"We won't be able to undo the cuts that the have been felt in recent years, and I know this will be disappointing for many people."
: "A more limited pot of money will have to be spent on a smaller number of priorities. Lower priorities will get less."
 Chris Leslie, shadow chief secretary to the ­Treasury, May 2014

The National Assembly Government is of course Labour but they are not of course responsible for anything 

Carmarthen Council is a Labour led Coalition with the Independents but they of which Calum is a member are not responsible for any cuts there.

A number Community Councils some of which are Plaid controled or Plaid led.
Labour desperately point to a vote by Llanelli council  to defer a motion by labour councilors to defer the Fire Authority from cutting the number of Fire fighter working at Llanelli fire Station.

Only this was made after the leaflet went out.

The other worrying aspect is which makes Labour's latest leaflet drop in Carmarthen East and Dinefwr something of a mystery, with Calum s telling readers that he is contacting them because "if you wanted to vote at any election, you couldn't - because you are not on the electoral register", before going on to reassure them that he can help.

This is misleading as if you are already on the register you will remain there.

Calum's  offer of help  would only apply to new voters and as we now move individual registration Politicians have a duty not to abuse the process .

There's nothing to suggest corrupt practises on the alleged Tower Hamlets scale but we must be ever watchful and that includes Calum Higgins who I am sure would be appalled by such practises.

But telling people they are not registers to vote when they are and providing them with forms that most may not need potentially causing unnecessary work forr his hard up council is irresponsible

But one thing is clear the sheer ignorance of this leaflet points to him being unsuitable for the role as a MP .

Indeed one wonders what political position is suitable for?

In the USA were they vote for many public positions they might say Dog Catcher,

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  1. Here's a link to the vote in question. It was not a vote by Llanelli council, it was a vote by the fire authority called in an extraordinary meeting of the fire authority. The fire authority was the final decision maker in the case of Llanelli fire station, which covers a large portion of Carmarthen East and Dinefwr constituency (the Gwendraeth valley):
    Plaid are in an official coalition with the Tories on the fore authority, and local people are well aware of this.