Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Subordinate Central in Information Overload?

I'm not sure what's happening  at "Subordinate Central" but they seem to achieved a record in posting 5 "News Stories  what seems same time.

  • First  they point to The Wasting Mule  drawing  our attention to a report by the Assembly’s Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee on the membership of bodies that would bar a person standing for election as an Assembly Member.

After their own problems the led John Dixon being replaced by Eluned parrot tjis is an obvious cause celebre for them

  • This was followed by News that  La Pasionaria AKA Kirsty Williams AM’s campaign for more nurses on Welsh hospital wards has reached the next stage with the launch of the consultation on the Safe Nurse Staffing Levels (Wales) Bill.Over 3,000 people have either signed Kirsty’s petition or written to their AM urging them to back the Bill as it progresses through the Assembly. During this 6 week consultation period, Kirsty Williams will tour Welsh hospitals to speak with nurses and fee

All well and good but maybe we should be told how this is to be funded.
  • Then they tell us that The Telegraph reports on the views of Jenny Willott when she was holding the role of Liberal Democrat minister for women and equalities that gender stereotyping in the toys we supply our kids with may well be causing a serious imbalance in the British economy:

Signs of desperate publicity on behalf of  for Jenny maybe?
  • Then they go back to a Wasting Mule report  that the validity of a Welsh university’s economics degree has been called into question after a suggestion outcomes have been “manipulated” to boost league table performance.

Now this is worth Investigating 
  • Finally La Pasionaria  herself comments on The latest performance figures indicate that Wales’ ambulance service is ‘in crisis’ with response times nearly 10% worse than the same time last year.

Once again it looks like  the Welsh NHS is the only real weapon left in the Welsh LibDems Arsenal 
Oh and funding  because earlier in the day  the BBC ran with  with La Pasionaria that Wales could benefit from hundreds of millions of pounds under Lib Dem plans to change the way funds are allocated to devolved nations, it has been claimed.
The current system, known as the Barnett formula, is based on population levels and has long been criticised for short-changing Wales.
But given the LibDems as partners in the Scottish No campaign  and signing up to comitments there if there is a No vote questions must be asked how La Pasionaria even if her Party were  able to do this  as thier  days even as Tory Bag carriers may wel soon be over  and anyway   how they  will square this with their promise  to Scotland where suggestions to re-draw the formula have been fiercely resisted,
It seems that La Pasionaria may be promising to "Rob Peter to Pay Paul"  to Wales whilst her colleagues in Westminster seem to promising the opposite to  Scotland.
It seems to have been a busy day for the Welsh LibDems press Office as they seek to us the "Sily Season"   that period lasting for a few summer months typified by the emergence of frivolous news stories  to provide actual political news. but if they took my advice I avoid Information Overload and spread the news over a few days.


  1. It's incredible how much of your blog is dedicated to the Lib Dems - probably more so than even Labour or the Tories! They must be doing something right!

    And I'm sorry to say this: but the way you criticse is tribal beyond words. Willott's campaign on girls toys has been quite a potent one I think.

    1. Wel its probably Laziness on my part as the LibDems keep leaving me a target.

      As for Ms Wilotts campaign it may well be worthwhile though as someone in the coalition government, I would think she should concentrate on Child Poverty and those who have no toys partially as a result of her Parties attack on the benefits system.. I just mentioned Subordinate Central using it to boost her profile. which she's going to need to see off Labour in next years election.