Friday, 29 August 2014

Swansea Labour politbureau remove leader.

It seems that Civil war i\is breaking out over Labour led council with the news  that Swansea council leader David Phillips has resigned from his post.seem
Mr Phillips said the decision was to focus on building Swansea's regional and national profile although details of his new role are not yet known.
It comes a week after he was told to expect a leadership challenge after sacking two cabinet members in a reshuffle but he would not comment on whether his departure was linked.
Though few would be surprised if he hadn't jumped before he was  pushed 
Mr Phillips led the council's Labour group for 10 years.but The Labour group has been in power at the authority for the last two years.
The selection process to find a new leader begins on Monday.
He said from the back benches he will continue to give his
 "complete support to the new cabinet and the group as we work to continue to deliver on our manifesto commitments for the good of the people of Swansea and the wider region".
Labour group chairman Robert Francis Davies said: "David Phillips has made an enormous contribution to Swansea and to Labour and will continue to do so in the future. We want to keep his talents working for our city."

IN February Cardiff Council leader Heather Joyce steps down

Cllr Joyce, who will continue to represent the city's the Llanrumney ward, cited a desire to spend more time to her family and her unwell husband.
Though Daily Wales took this with a pinch of salt
Politically, it was always clear she was a caretaker Leader who could not command her group. Heather was very badly treated by her own colleagues and constantly undermined. Last year’s challenge to her was bitter and the city suffered. The intrigue and personal agendas are ruining the biggest employer in Wales. It’s time for Labour to be honest and appoint the man who has called the shots for a long time, Russell Goodway. Everything will be out in the open then.”
So Daily Wales was as shocked as the rest of us when  Complete unknown Phil Bale was elected leader only elected in 2012 
According to that Blog.

His presence online is very minimal but it looks as though his political career really started in 2010, when he unsuccessfully stood as an independent candidate in a local election in Peckham, London.When explaining his decision to stand Cllr Bale declared “I decided to stand after one of Peckham’s Labour Councillors was de-selected for her poor attendance and voting record – only to be selected as a candidate by the Liberal Democrats! If residents want to make Peckham an even better place to live we need dedicated local councillors to do it.  It is time for a candidate who would stand up for Peckham and champion all the good work that goes on here!”We know that Cllr Bale was born in Cardiff but just four years ago he was a dedicated local resident of Peckham who was standing against Labour. Now he’s about to be the Leader of the capital of Wales as a Labour Councillor. Quite a turnaround.
So will Swansea new leader  be a fresh face? One of the motley crew who have only been living in our second city for a short time.

With Cardiff seeing a number of rhe 2012 Siobhan Corria  resigned her  Llandaf North seat and it  it will mean a costly by-election will have to be held in her ward – the fourth in the city in a year, after Labour councillors resigned in Splott, Riverside and Canton

It is probably a sign of Labour continuing hegemony in wales that they have so far held every seat but maybe they luck is about to run out. 

After Aai in 2012 people voted Labour in Town Halls all over Wales o the back of the toxin Co/Lib Dem coalition in Westminster . But even so the electorate expected them to run the council not carry out Soviet style coups within their ranks.

At least David Philips will not face a show trial ( probably) and be erased from Swansea Council History but then you never know with Calamity Hall.


  1. Makes all the conniving within Plaid to dump Bethan Jenkins look positively tame.

  2. "Mr Phillips said the decision was to focus on building Swansea's regional and national profile although details of his new role are not yet known."
    David Phillips is chair of the Swansea Bay city region board.