Monday, 24 June 2013

Two early (and class) riders for Mon.

It has been become clear that Plaid are confident that they will retain the Ynys Mon Assembly seat in the forthcoming byelection when you consider that two of the declared candidates have taken the risk of putting themselves forward.

Rhun ap Iorwerth, who presents Newyddion9 on S4C is seeking nomination in the seat vacated by Ieuan Wyn Jones. Which means that under BBC Cymru Wales rules : "In the interests of impartiality, Rhun ap Iorwerth has stepped down from his BBC role with immediate effect.
Heledd Fychan, who stood for Plaid in Montgomeryshire in the 2010 general election and on the north Wales list in the 2011 assembly election, has also announced she is seeking the Anglesey nomination.she had only recently announced that she was seeking the Arfon nomination 

Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler has three months to call the by-election. None of the major parties has yet chosen a candidate.

So will she  call it on August Ist as Ieuan Wyn Jones suggested and probably giving Plaid advantage or call it later giving the other parties who seemingly after the recent council  elections do not seem to have the same organisation  as Plaid on the island.?

On the other hand with two class candidates already Plaid can turn the selection process to their advantage as long as its not bitter they can spend a few weeks at nomination hustings and generating enthusiasm for whoever wins.

This election may prove vital for Plaid lose the seat and they are in the doldrums , win it and they are happy,  win it well and they can look forward to the next Assembly elections with expectations.

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