Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tal Michael selected by Labour forYnys Môn Byelection

So what most would argue are the the two main runners for the Ynys Môn  byelection have been selected Tal Michael has been selected by Welsh Labour to be its candidate in the Welsh assembly by-election on Anglesey.Plaid Cymru have selected the former BBC Wales presenter Rhun ap Iorwerth to fight the seat, after Mr Jones decided to resign as AM to lead the new Menai Science Park.

The poll on 1 August is the first by-election to be held for an assembly seat for seven years.

The other political parties are expected to announce their candidates for the 1 August election shortly.

Its perhaps appropriate to remind people of the time when Tal  Michael was a councillor on the London borough of Islington, which is seen as a training ground for future Labour  Apparatchiks

Will we then see mention in the media of his role in the Labour row over the banning of a left-winger Liz Davies as a parliamentary candidate?  This  resulted in Ms Davies issuing libel writs against him and others  and his admission in court that Davies had not

'heckled' at the education committee meeting in November 1994; 'nor did she incite violence on that or any other occasion'.

Councillors Tal Michael, Phil Kelly, and James Purnell, agreed to make a contribution to the election campaign fund of Islington North MP, Jeremy Corbyn, and Ms Davies had agreed to pursue the action no further. (More Here)

Despite agreeing  that Liz Davies had not done what he had accused her  of. It was settled out of court and Mr Michael of course was not found guilty of anything  which was why he was allowed to stand for the North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner .

But National Left wonders if he is a suitable candidate for our National assembly 

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