Friday, 21 June 2013

SNP Win Aberdeen Donside Byelection

The Scottish National Party has won the Aberdeen Donside by-election, but with a reduced majority.


Mark McDonald (SNP): 9,814
Willie Young (Labour): 7,789
Christine Jardine (Lib Dem)1,940
Ross Thomson (Conservative): 1,791
Otto Inglis (UKIP): 1,128
Rhonda Reekie (Scottish Greens): 410
Dave MacDonald )Scottish National Front): 249
Tom Morrow (Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”): 222
James Trolland (Scottish Democratic Alliance): 35
The turnout was 38.8%.

If the SNP had lost the seat the party would  have  lost its notional majority at Holyrood.
There was a swing of just over 9% from the SNP to Labour,  but it is usual to see a swing to the ruling party in a byelection  

Scottish Parliament election, 2011: Aberdeen Donside
SNPBrian Adam14,79055.4+ 10.6
LabourBarney Crockett7,61528.5-3.2
ConservativeRoss Thomson2,1668.1+0.6
Liberal DemocratsMillie McLeod1,6066-10
IndependentDavid Henderson3171.2+1.2
National FrontChristopher Willett2130.8+0.8
SNP holdSwing+6.9
Mark McDonald, a former North East regional MSP who  took the  risk of standing down from the Scottish Parliament to contest the by-election, was the bookmakers favourite to win the seat.
The Liberal Democrats had a small  recovery and pushed the Conservatives  into fourth place.
The media darlings Ukip came fifth indicating that they are having little impact in Scotland .
Does this have any relevance to the forth coming  Ynys Mon Byelection? Probably not
Aberdeen Donside  came as a result of the death of the sitting MSP   Brian Adams  whilst Ynys will come after Ieauan Wyn Jones resignation so that may work against Plaid.
The SNP are running the Scottish Parliament so there was as I said the usual swing against the ruling party But its Labour who are running the Assembly and they may find it hard to blame everything on the coalition at Westminster. But you can bet a pound to a dollar they will.
It is likely that it will be a Labour- Plaid tussle but it will be interesting to see if Ukip fail there as well. If they do they will more and more like an English party and they may find it hard to get any momentum out side England.
But all eyes are back on the Island of Anglesey once again with Plaid ma be seeing its fortunes for the near future being decided in the next few months on the island

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