Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Carwyn slaps down Leighton.

It is to his credit perhaps  that first Minister Carwyn Jones has slapped down one of his cabinet ministers for a campaign to protect hospital services.

He said Education Minister Leighton Andrews was ordered to remove references to the Labour Party from a website protesting against planned changes to A&E at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital in Llantrisant.

Leighton Andrews, Chris Bryant, Owen Smith and Mick Antoniw launch their defence of the Royal Glamorgan

The picture above shows  Rhondda AM Leidghton Andrews MP Chris Bryant, Pontypridd MP Owen Smith and AM Mick Antoniw  having a photoshoot out side the Royal Glamorgan as they attempt give the impression it is Labour taking the lead in opposing any downgrading.

Only Mick Antoniw's website seems to have any link to "Labours" campaign against any potential downgrading of the Hospital.

But for a government minister to campaign  conducted under the auspices of his own government is  somewhat hypocritical

Especially since recently Conservative Darren Millar attacked Education Minister Leighton Andrews for not being present for a debate on health in the assembly.

He said that Mr Andrews' absence would "put a stench in the nostrils of his own constituents" during Plaid Cymru's debate on A&E and maternity services on 5 June. here

Referring to the fact that cabinet member Mr Andrews had spoken against removing A&E services from the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, which is in his Rhondda constituency, Mr Millar said: 

"It doesn't surprise me, frankly, that he's chosen to side step this particular meeting.
"He may have a good and legitimate reason... but I do think that it shows, it does smack a little bit and will put a stench in the nostrils of his own constituents that he's not prepared to stand up for his local hospital here in this important debate this afternoon."
Mr Andrews did attend towards the end of the debate but was not given an opportunity to speak.

It was the same Darren MIllar who when Carwyn Jones had accused Plaid's Leanne Wood of "Shroud waving" pointed out his own minister (Leighton Andrews ) had used similar words.

Of course Leighton Amdrews has a problem of the proposals with Plaid Leader announcing she will stand against him in the next  Assembly Election if these proposals do go through,  he can kiss his seat goodbye.

With the Opposition United against this proposal ans with two Labour AMs actively (or at least formally actively) campaigning against this . How can it go through ?

Imagine a motion of no confidence on the government over this . How can Mick Antoniw and Leighton Andrews if not  support the motion not do anything but Abstain ?

Labour can't ride two horses at the same time . Plaid and the other parties may have the luxury of opposition here . But for a government minster to campaign against something that is happening under that governments own watch is plainly hypocritical.

If Mr Andrews is serious about this maybe he should consider whether he should be a member of Carwyn Jones cabinet,

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