Monday, 3 June 2013

Clegg: Gives us credit for good news forget the bad.

Subordinate Central has  posted a  message from Nick Clegg  saying 

“It won’t be easy: there will be bumps and scrapes along the way.”

He goes on to say;

That’s what I said three years ago, in the joint press conference David Cameron and I gave on the first day of this coalition government. And as you’ll have noticed, some weeks are more bumpy and scrapy than others!
Some times we have fierce disagreements that leave people on both sides deeply frustrated. But given that this coalition is formed of two political parties with many widely differing beliefs and policies, that’s not exactly remarkable.
What I believe is remarkable is the resilience of this government, and the amount – bumps and scrapes notwithstanding – that we have achieved so far. We’ve shown that when it comes down to the real business of government, like creating jobs, balancing the budget and helping with the cost of living, we can act like grown ups and get things done.
From enabling people to earn a full £10,000 before they start paying income tax to helping create over a million new jobs, from investing billions in our schools to expanding apprenticeships on an unprecedented scale, this government has a record to be proud of.

So tell us the god news Nick

What about?

The "Bedroom Tax" which see single people either seeing huge cuts in their benefits  or seek single room accommodation which is non existent in some areas.

Setting up tribunals to access whether people on sickness benefits are eligible for work in some cases seeing people taken off these benefits only to die a shortly after or Opel finding the agency that deals with them do not have wheelchair access.

Cutting funding to local authorities which means they have no option to cut jobs , wages or services.

Seeing the well off, getting a Tax rebate  when you should be looking at executive pay.

Why do LibDem press releases only take credit for  "enabling people to earn a full £10,000 " and not the measures that  are seeing the already poorer members of our society having to go to food banks in order to eat.

Stanley Baldwin (on a suggestion by Kipling ) once said of the press:

"What the proprietorship of these papers is aiming at is power, and power without responsibility — the prerogative of the harlot through the ages".

It seems that the LibDems have no real power and take little responsibility - the prerogative they have enjoyed in the political memory of most electors for decades. Which has not changed even when they are in government.


  1. Hilarious that you say the Lib Dems have no real power, yet only a couple of blogs ago you were saying how important it is not to have the snoopers charter - something that would be implemented if we had either a tory or labour government.

    1. But this proves my point . They can oppose the snoopers charter but the Tories will get support from Labour. So they will maybe get some credit for standing up for individual freedo safe in the knowledge that they will not be blamed if it was to fail.

  2. How does that prove your point? Your point is only valid if the Snoopers Charter actually happens, which I believe is unlikely (chances of Labour and Tories working together to push it through are slim). It's already been thrown out of the Queen's Speech.

    The Lib Dems aren't simply 'opposing', which is all Plaid can do, they have successively blocked it - which is a good thing and quite impressive considering they only have 57 MPs out of 650 (or whatever the number is).