Saturday, 1 June 2013

Party Websites in Wales

I thought I'd look at the various Party websites as I haven't looked at them for a while. I've tried to be objective  but clearly can't lose my leanings altogether.

Welsh Labour .
Have improved their Welsh Language context and seems almost duly bilingual however English is Highlighted and  in red  whilst Welsh is reduced to a drab grey.. Reasonable easy to use though unexciting . Up to date but one would expect more from a party in government  6/10

Welsh Liberal Democrats .


Why they bother with a Cymraeg button is beyond me all it does is gibe you the same page as the English one only with the headlines in Welsh ,  Up to date but its main headline is their claim that they have given people a £700 tax break and concentrate the rest on the NHS in Wales. Hardly worth a visit. 5/10

Welsh Conservatives .


Seems to be almost monolingual  has an interesting split between UK  (all good) and Welsh (all bad) . Main news is a PPC Candidate for Cardiff North  apparently visiting the constituency and telling people that they are cracking down on Immigration again hardly worth looking at except to check what the bastards are up to. 3/10



Wins hands down fully bilingual to the extent that you virtually have a a choice of two websites one in Welsh one in English. Packed with Information though it may daunt a casual visitor .  Perhaps it should  look at improving local government pages more . 8/10

Welsh Ukip.


 It sums itself when it calls itself the website of the United Kingdom Independence Party in Wales. Simply carries UK news . Not worth it (even to see what these  bbastards  are up to1/10

Welsh Greens.


At least carries some news  though needs updating needs to get someone to translate into Welsh  but  if you have worries over some issues like the Severn Barrage , Fracking or Incinerator plant  then might be worth while looking at 4/10

All in all Labour has shown some Improvement Plaid are still streets ahead whilst the other Parties ned to shape up. 

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