Saturday, 29 June 2013

Farage not adverse to more powers for Assembly (Oh really?)

The Wasting Mule seems to have joined in the Media Love Fest with UKip  leader Nigel Farage as it announced that yesterday that he
  gave the thumbs-up to a federal future for the UK in which the National Assembly is here to stay and will gain new powers as the party prepares for the Anglesey by-election.Mr Farage admitted an “old guard” in his party wanted to abolish the Assembly but he said the results of two referendums should be respected and he was not opposed to the devolution of policing and new fiscal powers.
The party is due to announce its candidate for the Anglesey by-election on Monday and Mr Farage described the contest as “an important moment for us in Wales”.
Western Mail 28 th June 2013 

Yes the leader of the Party that once campaigned to abolish the Assembly know believes that it maybe should have should have more powers.

Look what appears to be populist view and adopt it 

Or at least for a Month and the  Ynys Mon byelection is over because this announcement  shows exactly what Farage's political strategy is irrespective of what your members believe

So Farage goes with the popular vote despite the fact that the gut feeling of his members  would like to abolish Look what appears to be populist view and adopt it the assembly

May be Nigel has been looking at the  difference  between the 1997 referendum establishing the Assembly  and the 2011  referendum on extending the law-making powers

YearTurnoutYes voteNo vote

So Farage strategy seems that he will support devolution and hope that will make him more acceptable on the Island while hoping those who are still opposed to the assembly will assume hes on their side and vote for his candidate (whose views will not count).

Farage likes to present himself as a straight talking guy but hes worse than the establishment shifting policy according to the public mod for as long as it suits him.

You can take a big bet that this apparent shift will not last long after August 1st . Lets hope the voters on Mon confine his candidate to the bottom of the poll.

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