Friday, 28 June 2013

National Left blows a golden opportunity (Sorry).

I am afraid National Left ,made an serious error yesterday but I hope you will forgive me.

Yesterday I was canvassed than none other than my MP Owen Smith. Perhaps it was the shock of seeing him on my own doorstep, that  meant I failed to take him to task over the disparity of his support of the campaign to retain A&E at the Royal Glamorgan but I'm failed completely in that respect.

But even if I did I'm not sure what I could have put in this blog as we did have a talk about the resignation of Leighton Andrews but as we agreed that this was off the record  and it was a private conversation between a constituent and his MP it is not something I  feel I should repeat on this blog. But it was interesting.

I may have been seduced with his charm but he did make a good impression and if I seriously thought that the Liberal Democrats threatened him and Plaid failed to put up much of a campaign at the next election I would be tempted to vote for him.

General Election 2010a : Pontypridd [8]
LabourOwen Smith14,22038.8−15.4
Liberal DemocratMike Powell11,43531.2+11.2
ConservativeLee Gonzalez5,93216.2+4.6
Plaid CymruIoan Bellin2,6737.3−3.7
UKIPDavid Bevan1,2293.4+0.8
Socialist LabourSimon Parsons4561.2N/A
ChristianDonald Watson3651.0N/A
GreenJohn Matthews3611.0N/A
Labour holdSwing−13.3

Luckily this will probably not happen and I will be able to vote for who I want and not against who I don't want to be my MP

However my failure to quiz Own Smith on the strange sight of him and Assembly counterpart Mic Antoniw campaigning against  the closure  of A and E at the Royal Glamorgan under their own parties watch ,was compounded when I read  the below leaflet. that I was handed at the end.

Nowhere can you read on this leaflet that if the proposals go through then it will be the responsibility of a "Labour" Assembly Government.

A comment on yesterdays Blog  by lionel over my claim that Leighton andrews couldn't run with the hares and hounds pointed out.
you can if most people in Wales read the Sun/Daily Mirror and think that Michael Gove is in charge of education here, just like they have been led to believe that the evil health boards who are downgrading services are somehow linked to the Tories in London
Alas he is right and its worse when given the opportunity  people like myself fail to berate these Labour politicians .

I can't turn back the clock and ask Owen Smith the questions I should have asked and I apologise for my failings .

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  1. Another blogger describes Labour as Scumbags in all his posts. They are disgusting two faced con merchants. If New Labour were in power now in London they would be exactly the same as the Tories.
    They are not fit to be in power in Wales.
    Plaid Cymru has a massive job to get rid of Owen Smith and his ilk,but some how it has got to be done.