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Dafydd El Nationalist/Federalist/Nationalist/Federalist.

Since I'm not a Plaid member preferring to remain Independent of internal party politics  it probably not right for me to question Dafydd Elis Thomas  latest  latest piece on federalism.

But I don't think I feel he has no place in the party as Syniadau does

The Plaid Cymru Dwyfor Meirionnydd AM, who is also a member of the House of Lords, said:

 “In a word, I think we should struggle [in] the United Kingdom to become the British and Irish Lions again.”

One wonders if he is including the Republic of Ireland in this

Calling for the election of “senators” in a reformed second chamber who would represent the distinct nations of the UK, he said:

I’m an out and out UK federalist... There was never a project for Welsh independence, anyway.”
I myself considered this but came to the inclusion it would need "weighting" . So that  these "Senators from England to dominate.

It would mean that in a Senate of 400 . 100 would be from Wales.England ,Scotland and Northern Ireland  respectively.

Even if you were to take to take in population it would still need something like

Wales 60
Scotland 100
England 200
Northern Ireland 40

To make it a Senate of equals and the creation of a English Parliament for it to be a Federal State of equals. and when I can see an English Parliament .I can't see them agreeing to a position where the Celtic members can outvote them in the House .

In reality Federalism in the UK is far more unlikely than Independence because the voters in England are much more likely to support Independence than accept  that they are not the natural dominate force in any UK legislature.

Some of Dafydd El points actually make sense

Mr Elis-Thomas argument that many Secretaries of State in the UK cabinet are “really ministers for England” because they are not responsible for policies in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. and that their titles could be changed to reflect their England-only roles is a god one, It would at least make it clear that when the media report on these Ministers people will not get the impression  that they are including the devolved legislatures.

The argument of whether Dafydd El should remain in Plaid is one for Part members not me.

But with the prospect of an Independent  Wales some way off perhaps the party should have room for those who don't go all the way

In my first blogs I compared Welsh Nationalist aspiration to the TrawsCambria bus service.


The first part of the journey Cardiff-Swansea was long and frustrating clearly my attention was to go North bur the Bus seemed to be making no progress in that direction.

This can be seen as the period from the election of the Plaid MP’s to the second Devolution referendum. The journey had begun (Though the bus had broken down in 1979) and it had become clear that we cold go further.

The Second part Swansea-Carmarthen. . Was a sign of real progress and you could feel the passengers spirits lift as they began to feel they were finally heading for they destination.

This can be seen the election of the first Assembly (Ironic that this would be Carmarthen after the referendum). Some felt the journey was over but others were now used to the difficulties of along journey and wished to go on.

The Third part Carmarthen-Lampeter was seen as some as unnecessary as they wished to go strait on to Aber. Buy some of the passengers wanted to stop there.

This is where we are at the moment some progress made but clearly this was not the end.

The forth part Lampeter- Aberystwyth was a real spurt for those heading to Aber there was a clear anticipation that their long journey would soon be over.

This will be the result if the 2010 referendum is successful. For many it will seem unnecessary to travel any further.

For many the fifth part Aberystwyth-Portmadog was in reality be a new journey bur Portmadog has many attractions and give you access to a Wales they had longed to see.

This will be the creation of a Welsh Parliament with full law making and Tax raising powers the final stage for some.

The final part of the journey Portmadog-Bangor would have been taken by hardy soles some of who may have already broken their journey in Aberystwyth say. But you can imagine the joy they will feel when they see the outskirts of Bangor and realise the long journey.

This will see an independent Wales taking its place in Europe and the rest of the World the destination of a minority but perhaps some would like to do so when they realise it is achievable..

I has no place for federalist on this trip  back then but maybe you could be getting off in Machynlech.

But the thing is people can always get of have a look around and stay for a while and get on the next bus.

There may be room on the bus for Dafydd El but is there anyone who want to sit next to him?

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