Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cameron should realise D Day was an "allied "effort

David Cameron yesterday raised the Union Flag in Stirling    claiming the heroism of Scottish and English soldiers who fought ‘under one flag’ as he appealed to Brits to ‘face the future together’
The Prime Minister used a key speech at the Scottish Conservative annual conference in Stirling to highlight centuries of ‘shared endeavour
He singled out the sacrifice made by soldiers from across the UK on the beaches of Normandy in the D-Day landings - which took place 69 years ago yesterday.

Well  there was more than one flag  landing on the Normandy  beaches

The British-American command consisted 160,000 soldiers landing on 6 June 1944: 73,000 Americans, 61,715 British and 21,400 Canadians

But also consisting of  Representative of Canadians,  Free French, Polish, Norwegian, Australians,,New Zealanders,Dutch and Belgians

It was an Allied effort  and  it was fought on the allied side by more than one Nation ..

Cameron also referred to the 2012 Olympics  but that is like telling the Baltic countries they would have won more Medals as part of the old Soviet Union.

But back to D Day . In the second wave  a young man from Treforest Pontypridd  landed on the Normandy Beaches only to be invalid out with a shrapnel injury.that left him with a permanent disability and a plate in his head.

He went back to work for  on the Treforest Industrial Estate  where he was greaser , Oiling and Greasing Machinery.

However in the late sixties he became a passionate Welsh Nationalist and joining Plaid for many years being the treasurer of the Pontypridd Consistency Party.

He had no problem in supporting Independence for his Nation  whilst  being proud of his contribution in defeating the evils of  Fascism.

That man was David Raymond Morris my father.

In 1944 the flag that people fought unde  on the Normandy beaches was not the Union Jack nor was it the Draig Goch it was the flag of freedom for Europe from the tyranny of the Axis powers.

Camerons attempt to use this advent in a desperate to preserve the Union is a disgrace he should listen to those who realise the old Union is on its deathbed  and seek to  build a new relationship of friends and allies  of the Independent nations of these Islands .

We can be  Better Together but only as equals . With our own government with our own voices in the EU and United Nations. 

Working together in our common interest  as free nations sharing our past but seeking our own futures.


  1. I remember watching the 50th anniversary of D Da on TV. Quite a moving recollection by a Canadian officer of being with Welsh troops in the landing craft who were quietly singing Welsh hymns as they approached the beach. Of course Wales had no representation or mention in the official ceremony.

    I also recall the Queen being there and the entire emphasis of the ceremony was on her being the Queen of the UK represented by the Union flag.. A great insult to the Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders of whom she is also the head of state and whose flags were not on display.

    Can't agree with you about the EU though. In my view that would be swapping one imperial master for another.

  2. Good post Glyn. A good decent post. Da iawn.