Thursday, 27 June 2013

Rhondda will decide: Leighton Champion or Hypocrite?

So Leighton Andrews has gone to be replaced by Huw Lewis whose own job of Minister for communities and tackling poverty goes to Jeff Cuthbert who also gets Vaughan a number two.

Still its Leighton's departure that's the main story 

His position was probably uuntenable after it was revealed that not only was he slapped down for posing with fellow AM  Mick Antoniw and  Rhondda MP Chris Bryant and Shadow Welsh Secretary Owen Smith, the Pontypridd MP, to oppose radical NHS changes that could see an A& E unit downgraded at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

Leighton Andrews, Chris Bryant, Owen Smith and Mick Antoniw launch their defence of the Royal Glamorgan

Only for him to be slapped down By First Minister Carwyn Jones

He then  resigned  after  another conflict of interests when  Carwyn Jones  told him he had broken the  Ministerial Code by campaigning against the closure of a  primary school in his  Rhondda constituency.

“Leighton Andrews   wrote to every Cabinet Member  for Education last year, instructing local authorities to increase  the pace of reductions in surplus  places, or the Welsh Government would take direct intervention itself. only for him to campaign against his own policy when it involved a school in his own Constituency.

So a policy of a Minister telling  Education Authorities to close schools But Not in My Constituency.

Maybe Leighton Andrews was standing up for his constituency  but it  was sheer hypocrisy to do so when a Minister especially one who seems to be opposing his own policy  when it came that policy being implemented in  his own Assembly seat.

He may hope that by portraying himself as standing up for his constituency  especially with Plaids leader breathing down his neck  but it may be that the voters of the Rhondda See his hypocrisy for what it is.
He would do well to remember 

"You can'r run with the Hares and the Hounds"

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  1. you can if most people in Wales read the Sun/Daily Mirror and think that Michael Gove is in charge of education here, just like they have been led to believe that the evil health boards who are downgrading services are somehow linked to the Tories in London