Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dr Who and the "Three Main Party Leaders".

Just like the Daleks the three “Main Party Leaders” (as the BBC call them obey their master in the Daleks case it’s Davros and in the case of the London parties it’s Davos the Swiss resort which is the host to the World Economic Forum (WEF), an annual meeting of global political and business elites.

The real issue of this election of how we got into the economic mess we are in and how it is us, rather than the people who caused it will be paying for it has largely been ignored.

There has been some mumblings but there has been no call for a complete rethink of how International financiers can bring a nation to bankruptcy  through monetary speculation or give support for a Robin Hood orTobin Tax.

Even St Vince of Twickenham has been muted. What has happened to the people's champion? But then Vince Cable has always been ambivalent.

On the principle of the independence of the Bank of England, Cable said at the 2008 Liberal Democrat party conference, "The Government must not compromise the independence of the Bank of England by telling it to slash interest rates." The following month, though, he called on the Chancellor to urge the Governor of the Bank to make "a large cut in interest rates".

And of course the answer is clear all these parties know that their funding is dependant on big business they beat their breasts when the crisis happened but now bow down making only the occasional gesture in support of the ordinary voter.  By their silence they have betrayed the peoples of these Islands and none of them deserve our support.

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